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Medals Contestant - Challenge: Let\'s make things FUN! Contestant - Challenge: Blue! Contestant - Challenge: bokeh it UP. Contestant - Challenge: Muted Colors Winner - Challenge: Summer Wallpaper Challenge (Prized) Creator - first fictional love. Creator - birds flyin' high. Contestant - Challenge: Comics Battle Challenge! Contestant - Challenge: Comics Battle Challenge! Contestant - Challenge: One thing... Winner - Challenge: Winter Wonderland Contestant - Challenge: lets get [BASIC.] Winner - Challenge: Inspiring Contestant - Challenge: The chains that bind us Winner - Challenge: Favorites! (with a twist) Creator - little bit o' country. Winner - Challenge: AMV's Tribute 3! Contestant - Challenge: THE SKY\'S THE LIMIT!!! Contestant - Challenge: |:|Surprise Me|:| Winner - Challenge: Amnesia Forgotten Time Winner - Challenge: Disney Princess Contestant - Challenge: I Need a Hero Winner - Challenge: TheO Fighter! Winner - Challenge: Confessions Winner - Challenge: Honor of the Samurai Creator - a little [boys] lovin'. Winner - Challenge: Message Contestant - Challenge: \'The Rainbow\' Contestant - Challenge: Because I\'m stupid Contestant - Challenge: Religious Context Contestant - Challenge: Not all of it. Winner - Challenge: Collaboration E-cards Creator - pattern inspiration. Contestant - Challenge: Dedication to a friend Contestant - Challenge: Dedication to a friend Contestant - Challenge: Lyrics in a Card. Contestant - Challenge: AMV\'s Tribute 2! Contestant - Challenge: AMV\'s Tribute 2! Creator - color palettes. Contestant - Challenge: Pushing the limits Contestant - Challenge: Within Borders Contestant - Challenge: manga is....ART! Contestant - Challenge: Sell it to me. Winner - Challenge: Kpop recognition Creator - weather you like it. Contestant - Challenge: An Image Within An Image Winner - Challenge: My Favorite Reason Contestant - Challenge: BULLETPROOF[i-told-you-i\'m-not] Creator - yum. Contestant - Challenge: Typographic Background Contestant - Challenge: It\'s not all Honey Contestant - Challenge: Tell Me More Contestant - Challenge: One Color - Make it Count (Color Splash) Contestant - Challenge: this is official stuff man Winner - Challenge: What's The Matter? Contestant - Challenge: Words will show everything Contestant - Challenge: Plushies Creator - back to the 80's. Contestant - Challenge: Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge Contestant - Challenge: Creative  impression Winner - Challenge: Message from the Moon Contestant - Challenge: Magic in the Air Winner - Challenge: 2 IN 1 Contestant - Challenge: ~Within Temptation~ Creator - mixed messages. Winner - Challenge: OH GOD NO! Winner - Challenge: EDITS EDITS EDITS. Contestant - Challenge: Everyone has a { secret } Contestant - Challenge: April Showers bring May Flowers Contestant - Challenge: April Showers bring May Flowers Winner - Challenge: Bad guys Contestant - Challenge: -Quote that Book- Winner - Challenge: My eyes can\'t take it anymore!!!! Winner - Challenge: Let There Be Light Contestant - Challenge: Retrospect! Contestant - Challenge: Megane Contestant - Challenge: Megane Winner - Challenge: I want something REAL!!! Winner - Challenge: animal KINGdom Winner - Challenge: A word Contestant - Challenge: tough&rough Creator - K-Pop goodness. Winner - Challenge: Super Heroes Contestant - Challenge: sweet Thing Contestant - Challenge: sweet Thing Winner - Challenge: [inspiration, magic, hope] Winner - Challenge: Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover Contestant - Challenge: Simple yet Beautiful Creator - the forbidden dance. Contestant - Challenge: I Can\'t Believe I Made This Winner - Challenge: Inspiration To Win The Fight Winner - Challenge: valentines day part 2 Contestant - Challenge: Fashion Frenzy!! Winner - Challenge: -Boys like Boys- Winner - Challenge: KH Couples Winner - Challenge: The Art of Reality Winner - Challenge: Copycat - Oh No! Contestant - Challenge: ANYSOMETHING! Contestant - Challenge: Winter Wonderland Contestant - Challenge: Winter Wonderland Contestant - Challenge: \'Tis the Season for Dedications Contestant - Challenge: \'Tis the Season for Dedications Creator - in the spirit. Winner - Challenge: Bad Romance Winner - Challenge: Romance Winner - Challenge: Music Inspiration Challenge Winner - Challenge: Monochromatic(With Spots of Color) Winner - Challenge: Inked Creator - a novel idea. Contestant - Challenge: Magazine Diva Contestant - Challenge: anything you want! Winner - Challenge: Quality Over Quantity Winner - Challenge: Life's Inspirations Winner - Challenge: A page of Calendar Contestant - Challenge: Walk, walk Fashion Baby! Contestant - Challenge: Design Your World! Contestant - Challenge: What cookie are you? Contestant - Challenge: Your Life\'s Quote In A Card Contestant - Challenge: t o u c h  the S.K.Y. Winner - Challenge: Show me the Ladies. Winner - Challenge: Lyrics Winner - Challenge: Vocaloid Family! Winner - Challenge: feed the Senses Creator - don't let time pass you by. Winner - Challenge: What's your soul connected  to Contestant - Challenge: The Welcome to TheOtaku Contest! Winner - Challenge: Legend of Zelda Inspirations Winner - Challenge: The Koge-Donbo Challenge Contestant - Challenge: Personalize Your Card Contestant - Challenge: Hetalia: A World of Cards Winner - Challenge: Epic Love Story Winner - Challenge: That\'s just the best card EVER, with a goal! Contestant - Challenge: V i n t a g e. Winner - Challenge: ~ Word Art ~ Creator - Belimai, that boy is a monster. Winner - Challenge: Big Windup! challenge Winner - Challenge: fairy ocs Winner - Challenge: Give Me More Colors!! Winner - Challenge: Resolution Revolution! Contestant - Challenge: Sexy challenge Contestant - Challenge: Have fun with FLOWERS!! Contestant - Challenge: Have fun with FLOWERS!! Contestant - Challenge: Make Me An Ultra Cute Card Of Rin Kagamine! Creator - in. your. dreams. Contestant - Challenge: GO GREEN!! Contestant - Challenge: MAKE A FUNNY ECARD!! Contestant - Challenge: Just Black and White Creator - Imogen inspiration. Winner - Challenge: Love Theme Winner - Challenge: Design a Kitty =^_^= *WINNERS PLEASE READ* Creator - the sky's the limit. Contestant - Challenge: VK Contestant - Challenge: Color Me...BLUE! Contestant - Challenge: Color Me...BLUE! Creator - There is no one like you. Contestant - Challenge: Design a Princess Winner - Challenge: Best X-mas '09 Cards Winner - Challenge: Lyrical Autumn Creator - Sportin' it. Winner - Challenge: Halloween: Trick or Treat! Contestant - Challenge: The Personal Touch Winner - Challenge: Capture the Moment Contestant - Challenge: Faerie pet? Contestant - Challenge: Random Roulette Winner - Challenge: Inspire: Monochrome Factor Winner - Challenge: Food is Fun! Winner - Challenge: Birthday Wishes: Bossman Style! Winner - Challenge: Something New

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