BabyD AMV's Tribute 2!

Hiya everyone, I'm baaaack!! o3o and is challenge time!!!

I want to thanks everyone that participate in my last challenge and since i like it so much i decide to do a second challenge with the same theme >3<

What i want you to do in this contest is that i want you to pick an AMV (anime music video) and do an ecard from the AMV that inspired you. It can be from any anime or videogame.

Card made by dazeandhope - Inspired by this AMV
Card made by IchigoShirayuki - Inspired by this AMV

Pretty easy, right? ;3

Only two rules!
Card must have the link of the AMV you choose. So that way you can give credit to the person who made the amv aaaand that way we can watch it too!! o3o
Update!!! okay i decide to change the only one entry rule to unlimited entries since i know there's more awesome amv i haven't seen and the good thing you got more chances of winning a prize! ;D

And like my last challenge i decide to buy again the prizes and give it to the winners ;D So those who win can choose their prizes (First place choose first then second place and third place receive the remaining prize ^^;) and I will send it via mail. Obviously is gonna be private any kind of information received (mailing info). People who win but don't want the prizes the other 2 that win will receive the prizes ;)

Just in case, this are not the only prizes I'm gonna give, I'll be updating every time i get more prizes ;)

~ 22cm Kuroshitsuji Sebastian Ciel PVC Figure - X
~ Kuroshitsuji Alois Trancy Spider Ring - X
~ Kuroshitsuji Ciel Phantomhive Golden Emblem Ring - X
~ Kuroshitsuji Stainless Steel Ring - X
~ Vampire Knight Stainless Steel Ring - X
~ Axis Powers Hetalia England Plush - X
~ Kingdom Hearts Crown Necklace - X
~ Kingdom Hearts Axel Weapon Necklace - X
~ Naruto Tsunade's Necklace
~ Naruto Gaara's Hyoutan Necklace - X
~ Ai Yori Aoshi Vol 1 Anime DVD + Ai Yori Aoshi: Sakura CD Soundtrack - X
~ Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Blood Of Sin Necklace - X
~ Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Guardian Cloud Ring - X
~ Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Vongola Sky Ring - X
~ Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Vongola Sky Ring - X
~ FullMetal Alchemist Metal Key-chain

Here's a pic of the prizes i got so far. Sorry for the bad quality, my sis have my camera so i had to use an old one T^T
1 - 2

PS: My English sucks so if someone have any question or doubt just ask ;D


Thank you so much for all the people who entered the challenge, you guys are awesome, I simply love all the entries and I got to see so many cool amvs.

Finally here's the winners, you won't believe how hard it was for me to choose the winners! That's why I asked the help from other awesome card makers that helped me choose the winner cards. And because I liked so many cards I decide to give a 4th, 5th and 6th place.


1 - think you'll [BE GETTIN'] this by CleaversForKids - 4 Prizes
2 - When I'm Drunk by Ritona Raito 3 prizes
3 - drawn dream by dazeandhope - 3 prizes
4 - things I'll never say. by Angel Zakuro - 2 prizes
5 - [Here Comes the Men in Black.] by Kami-chan.x3 - 2 prizes
6 - Fire of the Rebellion by Timcanpy14 - 2 prizes

Soon I''l been sending private messages asking for your prizes.

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think you'll [BE GETTIN'] this ~
When I'm Drunk ~Ritona
drawn dream ~
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