Ritona April Showers bring May Flowers

Notice: For the declared winners, I will be messaging you shortly concerning your prizes. Please have an idea of what you would like to request from me. For my special mentions, it is your responsibility to contact me and request your icon prizes. Prize requests will close June 1st. Thanks, everyone, for the beautiful entries!

Thanks for all the wonderful entries for my last challenge! They were all so great, I think I actually picked more special mentions than I meant to...

I would like for you to create not one, but two cards for this challenge. It is an absolute requirement that you submit two cards, otherwise your single card will be disqualified.

First Card: April Showers
Create a card that has something to do with rain. The card card can either have rain placed as a visual element, or it could be mentioned in dialogue. And even though I'm asking for a 'rainy' card, I do not want to see overly depressing entries such as these: ( x|x|x|x ).
Some examples of what I'm looking for in your first card:
( x|x|x|x|x )

Second Card: May Flowers
For your second card, create a card that has something to do with the subject of flowers. Like rain, you can use the subject either visually or through your card's dialogue. And again, please make sure the card is more on the sunny side of things. I do not want to see any depressing cards in this challenge.

Some examples of what I'm looking for in your second card:
( x|x|x|x|x|x )

You can submit as many cards as you would like, however, for every rainy card you submit there must be a flower card to match it. There is no rush for you to submit both entries at once, just as long as the opposite match is in by the deadline, and they are both linked to each other.

- Card must be uplifting and cheery, meaning nothing depressing.
- If using a quote, please give the source.
- Yaoi and yuri is allowed.
- Cards must be from an anime, manga, or original art source. I will not accept anything that resembles this, however I will accept something like this.
- Cards do not have to be dedicated to me.
- All cards entered are subject to judge's critique and elimination.
- Every card must be paired with their opposite.
- Link to the card's match in the card descriptions.
- Unlimited Entries
- Oh, and lastly - anyone's allowed to enter!

First Place - Three Card Requests + Two Avatar/Icon Requests
Second Place - Two Card Request + Two Avatar/Icon Requests
Third Place - One Card Request + Two Avatar/Icon Requests
Special Mentions - 1 Avatar/Icon Request [Each]

Special Mentions
( x ) by Timcanpy14
( x ) by Kurihara Akane
( x ) by MikuBerry
( x ) by fma17
( x ) by Hanaro Souhi
( x ) by Dark Flame 3479
( x ) by Angel Zakuro

*In the event of a tie, a gift will be in place of a medal.

I will be judging each card based on creativity, quality, technique, and overall visual appeal. Please do your best, and good luck!

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