Felcie Not all of it.

Dear Challenge Slam, here we go for my first challenge ever.


What I want from you is quite easy (well, no, it's a challenge). I want you to crop your picture in a way we will immediately noticed that the picture and especially the character is cropped. The body can't be entirely showed. For example, there will be only an eye and the mouth of someone's face, only the legs of the person, without the head (omg), etc. Easy, right?

( x | x | x | x | x | x )

No fan art, unless Umbridge is invited it's on Minitokyo.net, you know how it works now.
• Any category accepted, it doesn't have to be only anime/manga related, but there must be someone on the card. (no cakes allowed :p)
Give credits, also for the quote if it's from a book, movie or a song.
No more than two persons on your card.
• Yaoi/Yuri allowed.
• You don't have to dedicate it to me. But you can.
• Anyone can join.
Unlimited entries.

You have one month.

First place: 1 wallpaper, 1 card and 3 icons
Second place: 1 card and 3 icons
Third place: 3 icons

There will be honorable mentions~

Good luck to everyone and sorry if I couldn't invite all of you!


Thanks to all of you for joining! It was hard to choose but here are the winners and the honorable mentions! And you all get a shiny little medal ;)


Honorable mentions.

Those can request a card or an icon :)

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PandoraxHearts Kisala segunda etapa TwinkLes Andrew otaku
Other Anime and Manga
39 entries
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Challenge completed
Battler; fighter ~Timcanpy14
They Were Only ~Ritona
For Everyone ~Morbid Dollie
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