vampirehitsugaya THE SKY'S THE LIMIT!!!


*enters from behind red curtains*

Hello everyone! It seems I am back for a fifth challenge! This time it's *checks title*... THE SKY'S THE LIMIT!!! Touch the Sun! Fly as high and far as you want!
"But what does that mean o great challenge creator?"
"Excellent question! Come sit and I will tell you!"
What I mean by THE SKY'S THE LIMIT is simple: I want to see the sky! I want to see awe inspiring sunsets and sunrises, vast blue skies, fluffy white clouds, delicate rainbows, nostalgic rainy days, it was a dark and stormy... the golden sun, stars shining like distant candles in the dark night, and/or the silver light of the moon. I've had nothing but amazing entries for my past challenges! SO MAKE MORE GREAT STUFF!!!

Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

*sings* Here are your rules

1.) There must be some sort of sky present in all entries!!! It may be day, night themed or... both? The sky may also be reflected in a window, a pool of water, faded (but still visible), etc. Yes I will count outer space as a "sky".

2.) Unlimited Entries!!! The more the merrier! Make as many or as little as you want.

3.) You do NOT have to dedicate it to me!!! While I would prefer you did, I will be checking up on things regularly.

4.) Have lots of fun!!! Of course if you have any questions regarding this challenge please do not hesitate to message me. I'm a nice person, promise with cake and cookies and... pizza!

I'm a vampire!

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draw the Sky ~yuko9kost
On to A Morning ~alexea arescia
[dream of the sky] ~Hanako Sho
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