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*sigh* Cards were very different in my hay day of submitting. Back then, you could only submit one per day. Now that you can submit three, I see a great decline in quality. Sorry, but that is my belief. Back then you put all your prayers into one creation, all you hopes and dreams, all of yourself.

So this is my challenge. Pretend you are back in the good old days. Pretend that you have this once chance, this one opportunity to put your card out there for the world to see and appreciate. Put yourself into the card. It can be funny, sad, loving, heartbreaking, obscure, poetic, whatever you see fit. But, I want to see a real difference from your other works and others' works. I will be looking, and watching carefully. Don't understand the rules or challenge description? Then this challenge isn't for you, but feel free to watch.

Thank you all who entered there are many wonderful, beautiful cards for me to review. Thank you for the dedications and the thought put into these cards and the support for this challenge has meant a lot. Sorry for the delay in announcing winners, I am trying to view and comment on all the cards and the decision will not be an easy one. Thank you!


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1000 Summer Memories ~ChibiSasuke
There is no 'I can't'. ~sweetdevil
Teach me... ~BabyD
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