HelloKatty ~Within Temptation~

Boredom has possessed me to make a challenge!

The title gives a huge hint. This challenge is easy. Very easy! I simply made it because i'm bored. lol

I want you all to make a card with the lyrics from a song by Within Temptation on it. But not all the lyrics in the song...lol

I've developed love for the band Within Temptation. They rock! Sharon den Adel's voice is just beautiful! She sings like an Angel and i love the Symphonic sound Within Temptation has. Symphonic Metal/Rock is the best. -w-
I thought i'd make a challenge...o3o

anyways all I want you to do is make a card with the lyrics from one of Within Temptation's songs on it.

Example: say you wanted to use lyrics from WT's song "Our Solemn Hour". You liked the verse "Will we remember all of the suffering 'Cause if we fail it will be in vain?". you'd put that part of the lyrics on the card and you'd make the image match the lyrics.

thats what I want. very easy! EASY AS PIE.


  • follow TheOtaku's Guidelines
  • Only use songs by Within Temptation
  • cards must consist of Anime style art only.
  • Don't use other people's art in your cards, thats against the rules so yeah. Be careful where you get your image from. I highly suggest AnimePaper and MiniTokyo.
  • Unlimited submissions
  • Have fun!

Winners will get: 1 icon request if they want one and a gift.

You all have 1 month since this challenge is so easy!

Have fun! I'm interested to see what cards are entered in this challenge!


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