Morbid Dollie Inspiration To Win The Fight

Hey there!

My other challenged ended JUST today, so I had to come back with another. Gosh, I love making these things! <3

So this challenge is a card challenge, and it's actually my first one! I've made a couple fanart challenges and a lot of wall challenges, but today I present you with a card challenge!

*Ehm* Gosh, I talk too much, don't I? :D

As you all know by now, seeing as he's such a lovable and well-known member on our beloved Otaku, my Best Friend, Ecnelisterger, or as I LOVE to call him, E-chan, is sick with TB (tuberculosis). I've been worrying sick about him since I found out, but I've been doing better after I got to speak with him and he promised me that he'd take his medicine.

The idea of the challenge is simple:

Make an inspiring eCard (or more than one XD) for him, to help give him strength and to keep him positive in such a sad time.


1. The eCard must be dedicated to E-chan!
2. Must have inspiring words on them
3. No more than 5 entries
4. They cannot be simply an image with words. There has to be some effort
5. Textures are not a must
6. Neither are brushes
7. You must have fun! X3

I'm gonna give y'all permission to make one FUNNY card, to remind him to take his medicine. But only ONE. Same rules apply for those cards, EXCEPT for the inspiring words. If you submit more than one "funny" card as a reminder, it will be disqualified.

It's a simple challenge, but one that means the most to me out of all of them I have made.

You have 1 month! Good luck and inspire my E-chan!


As always, I choose three runner-ups for my challenge! ^^

Runner-ups this time aaaaaaare

*insert drum roll*

(in this order)

Brightest Side by SakuraDust
RISE by SaxGirl
A Man,A Fighter by XNotunderstood

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REcall MY wiSHes ~
For You... ~Hulaberry32
grow tall. ~Angel Zakuro
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