xNotUnderstood Dedication to a friend

Hey there guys, xNU again ;)
Here to give you guys something fun to do, hopefully you find it fun

So Dedication to a Friend, can you guess what I mean by that?
Well the point of this challenge is, Make something that has to do with a friend!

You're going to pick a friend that you love, and make a card that has to do with something relating to them. Okay now let me explain what you can do with this

Make a card using Their
-fave character
-fave series
-fave song
-fave color
-fave singer/band
-a quote they use a lot
-maybe one of their works, redone by you(ask permission!)
-Use their Username in the card(that might get ya some brownie points)

So yeah, use something that has to do with your friend! it could really brighten their day if you did this challenge for them ;)

-Follow theO rules
-No stealing, only official stuff
-if you redo your friend's work, you must have permission
-Please link as much as possible
-All submissions must have a dedication, unless its to a friend who is not on the site
-Card must be made because of your friend
-Yaoi & Yuri are allowed, nothing over PG13 please
-No dedications to me, unless made for me
-Unlimited entries
-you can only make 1 card for 1 friend, no multiple cards for 1 friend
-Have fun

Anyone and Everyone is welcomed to join ;)

Also, since im the kind generous person I am...3 months!! I do not like to stress ya'll with short time limits. One month is too short, 2 is okay, 3 is plenty

So have fun, and good luck ;)!
If ya have any questions, just ask me. I don't bite...unless ya want me to, and if so, I might decline lol

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