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YES!! a new challenge by your very lovable cool evil sexy xNU :D!!

the point of this challenge you ask?? well but of course its simple.

i want you to make a card focusing on your Quotes/words/text!!
simple yes?? =)

I personally have been told many times that my quotes are great, their unique, their original.
So i wanna see what you guys can do, i wanna see your quotes. i want you to focus on that quote

So here are the rules
-Follow theOtaku rules
-No song lyrics please
-No stealing
-No resubmitting old works
-You must be creative
-focus on the quote/words/text/typography, make that the most appealing(u can make other things appealing but dont outshine the text)
-Yaoi & Yuri allowed, keep it PG13
-You can copy a quote from someone else, but please state who's quote you used(if u make up your own, u might get more brownie points)
-(like above) please state if the quote was made by you or not
-you do not have to dedicate it to me unless u just utterly want me to see it
-Real life, anime/manga, video games, it is all allowed
-Unlimited entries
-Have fun!!

everybody, anybody, somebody, nobody, YOU ALL CAN ENTER!!
I want this challenge to be as successful as my last one :D

like usual i give you all 3 MONTHS! im a kinda thoughtful person, i want you guys to have enough time

So i wish you all luck, have fun, and Make me proud ;3

if u have any questions, please dont be afraid to ask me

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