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Gifts Darkarax: Random Gift kahoko66: Happy New year too!!! kahoko66: Merry Christmas! ElementalNinja: Thank you for entering "Cold Hard Iron"! kahoko66: Happy Halloween! hatakeotaku69: Happy Halloween!!! JohnPhillip: HAPPY HALLOWEEN ^^ kyari: omnomnoms fer yah :3 gaara is dark: because you deserve it^^ kahoko66: Happy Easter! RayMan87: Happy Easter Amumu! ItachiSasuke: Wishing you peace, joy & <3 this Easter Angel Satina: Happy Easter dear! :3 "hugs" DistantStar: MY LOVELY. Have a LOVEly Vtine's day! :) Arctic Summer: Happy New Years!!!!! Here is a bannana.. kahoko66: Happy New Year:) lunesoldier20: Happy New Years! Have some pocky! :D RayMan87: Merry X mas Amumu :3 xXShayde WolfXx: Merry Decorated Dead Tree Day :3 kahoko66: Merry Christmas! ImNotAVampire: Merry Christmas ^^ ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas! Best wishes to you~! :D harplayer: Thank you!!!! :) DistantStar: Merry early X-mas!! :) Party lots<333 gdaneqa: Thank you :) : something to cheer you up : brick 'em math questions >B) : it's flooding cuppycakes too! >B) : it's raining cuppycakes!!!! :D Morbid Dollie: Happy Halloween! <3 xXShayde WolfXx: Hoard Them Candies! Kill If Needed >:3!! kahoko66: Happy Halloween! : i hope you're feeling better :3 *hugs* ItachiSasuke: For your kind words ^__^ : a cuppycake for you � Go Pikachu Cat: ^_^ good morning!! teapartyprincess: it was a pleasure~ Exxod: For finally finishing it. :) : Thank you for the Gift! ^^ MangaKid: Don't worry, Be happy! ^_^ kahoko66: Happy Easter!! lunesoldier20: Happy (belated) Easter!! =) Angel Satina: Happy Easter dear! :3 "hugs" Arctic Summer: happy Easter :D DistantStar: Happy Easter AMAZING PERSON! :) Morbid Dollie: Happy Easter!!!! mike2319: SURPRISE! Its me :D Kami-chan.x3: How do you do? LOL~ *hugs* Angel Satina: Happy V-day to you !! :* Kami-chan.x3: *HUGZ* Happy Valentines dear!! ~ ElementalNinja: Happy Valentine's Day! <3 alexea arescia: Happy Valentines Day to you Ame! alexea arescia: Happy Valentines Day! LadyDragonEye: Thanks for your entry~! (Ita-chan) ^__^ DistantStar: Happy New Years, good luck in 2012! kahoko66: Happy New year!! Satina: Happy New Year dear!! ^o^ -Angelic Smile Hulaberry32: Congrats on the promotion!:3 tutcat: Congrats on becoming an Otaku Legend ^^ byakuyarox1: Congratulations on your promotion! lunesoldier20: Merry belated Christmas & Happy New Year : Merry Decorated Dead Tree Day! :D kahoko66: Merry Christmas!!! : Happy Holidays~! :D Morbid Dollie: Merry Christmas!!!! Razing Phoenix: Merry Christmas~! Butterflykiss: Merry Christmas BFFM! kamichama karin s: :D Happy Holidays! ~I'm baccckkk!~ : Thanks 4 da gift~ ^^ Black Dahlia: How's everything? :) : cuppycakes! cuppycakes for ame! � Darkarax: Cheer up :) ashio: Have a spook-tastic Halloween! xD kahoko66: Happy Halloween!! : good luck on your test! you can do it!:3 : another plushie for you to huggle � : more plushies for you to huggles � : sumtin' for u 2 hug 2 make u feel better KittyNyaNya: Thanks for all the wonderful comments! : thanks for the gift ^^ : thanks for the gift ^^ omnia1: thanku for understanding last night x x Vivianlove: Love for October <3 : somethin' sweet to sweeten your day  :3 ElementalNinja: Here's A Cupcake For You! Eat It! :D Starberrypatch: Thank You For Subscribing alexea arescia: Thank you very much Ame! Arctic Summer: PENCIL GIFT 4 U Kami-chan.x3: RAMEN DAY!! ~ ... random. saki 1234: Thank you!~ kawaiiMisuzu: pockybox just for bein my awsum friend^^ Oni hime: Thank you for my gift!!! : nom noms for yah!~ � superstarpanou: Thanks for the sub~~ A cookie for you~~! Rosie Chan: Nice job in the contest! I <3 ur Wallies tutcat: Kitten invasion!!! Nyan! : thank you for the sub Ame X MAGE X: Thanks for the sub ^_^ : happy 4th of july : happy 4th of julyv Row76: Np :) ashio: CONGRATS! Have a cupcake :D KittyNyaNya: Love Kitty [: : Wrong! tutcat: cheer up,things always get better Arctic Summer: strawberries will take over the world DistantStar: I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!! ;D DistantStar: But they're lovely to smell soo......... DistantStar: Perhaps duckies would have been better? DistantStar: Oh, and I have no idea why I sent roses. DistantStar: Make your facial muscles really sore ;D DistantStar: OK, not all the time because that would DistantStar: Smile all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DistantStar: Because your a person who deserves to DistantStar: Cheer up OK? Like really really cheer up ItachiSasuke: Thanks for entering in my challenge! ^_^ tutcat: Hi Ame! Felt like givin' you a gift! akatsuki15: Thanks for the gift! apple pai: thnx alot 4 da wlli:DI hope u like ramen gdaneqa: nice talking to you to~~ gd, ur friend Yugara: awww thank you very much x3 *3* : I loves you~ :D Morbid Dollie: Thanks for caring <3~ kahoko66: Happy easter!!! : The cake is a lie... Cuz it's EASTER! :D harplayer: happy late easter gift thing!!!!! :) : I LOVE YOU MOOOORE ;D sasusaku 4ever: Happy Easter ^^ Alchemic Mushroom: Happy Easter! Akiye Yoru4: :) happy easter XD teapartyprincess: happy easter ^^ lunesoldier20: Happy Easter :) Arctic Summer: Happeh Easter! Versa Emerge: Happy Zombie Jesus Day! littlepooch: Happy Easter! :DD <3 mike2319: Happy Easter! Have some chocolate :P : happy easter!!! :3 Morbid Dollie: Enjoy the chocolate~~ Morbid Dollie: Happy Easter!!! : happy easter!!!! mokuba tiff: thanks for the treat^^,it taste good^^ fierystarlight: hewo :D : happy april fools day!!! ashio: THANK YOU!! : i give u a paint brush cause i love art : CUPCAKE : A BLUE BANNANA : heres a flower Arctic Summer: Its a brick :o Arctic Summer: BFF Arctic Summer: I ish spamming you with lots of gifts!:D Arctic Summer: YOU ARE AWESOME Arctic Summer: Is ish sorry about not helping out 'it' alexea arescia: thanks for being my best friend!!! Alazne Chan: Thanks for Participating! ^^ Alazne Chan: Happy Valentine's Day! Miracle Star19: HAPPEH V-DAY!!! :D teapartyprincess: happy valentine's day ^_^ Asuye: I wanted a bite from de cookie >XD animae: thank u :) : This is the lucky new year BANANA~<3 littlepooch: Merry Christmas! <3 =D Haxelo: Merry Christmas!! <3 *huggles* Umi Yamanaka1296: merry christmas!! Alazne Chan: Merry Christmas! kahoko66: Merry Christmas!!! Arctic Summer: merry christmas sister lunesoldier20: Merry Christmas! Romanos Vixen: Merry Christmas! ^^ Have a nice day! ^^ ninja dodo: merry tacomas Nynx: I wish you a merry Christmas! ^^ <3 AnnaKanda: Happy Holidays! : Merry Christmas from Linku-claus Ame! gaara is dark: Merry christmas and a happy newyear Razing Phoenix: Congratulations for winning 2nd place! : You're over nine spamsand : Spama-ten : Naruto: Spampudin : Full Metal Spammer : Spam Spam Spam : Super Spam! : Spam-man nd Robin : Spamtastic : Spamalicious : Spam and cheese sammich : Spamtaro : Spam #3 : Spam #2 : Spam #1 : The Lulz...Do it for them. X3 : Thanks for the gift.. AnnaKanda: Thanks for the sub~! XD Zennyxchan: happy thanksgiving : thanks for everything ^^ Immortal Queen: Thank you for entering snow fun! FrozenRoze: Thank you ^^ littlepooch: Happy Halloween Ame!! =D lunesoldier20: Happy Halloween! :D kahoko66: Happy halloween!!! Kokorojun: Happy Halloween teapartyprincess: happy holloween!!!! ^^ Alazne Chan: Happy Halloween! Umi Yamanaka1296: heres one u havent got yet prunas: Happy Halloween bunasaur: subbing is good thanks for my one! :) x : here u go Bleachic: Thanks for being a friend and faving! Angel Zakuro: Thank you so much!! <3 Darknessdancer: Thanks for joining in Epic Love Story! Arctic Summer: miss ya : Have a HAPPY HOLIDAYS ~<3 stinamuffin: love your work! keep it up! :D Akia Aoi: Thanks for being my friend^^ mimilove4: Have an awesome 2010!! <3 : Happy New Year! ^^ littlepooch: Merry Christmas Amestar!!!!~Poochy lunesoldier20: Merry Christmas! itsumademo: merry christmas!! thanks for subbing me! : Merry Christmas! lunesoldier20: Hope everything is going alright. harplayer: thanks for being my friend : Here is your prize!!!!! Congrats!!! littlepooch: Thanx 4 all ur help in Warrior Fic! ^__^ cresendo pianist: here's a bitten cookie 4 u. : luv yur artwork Arctic Summer: We're in the kirby club together! Yaay! lunesoldier20: :D No more school! Summer!! Whoot!! XD Arctic Summer: Schools amost over!!! X3 lunesoldier20: Yay for school being almost over! X3 Arctic Summer: DAAW!! I MISS YOU! : Your so Special :) I'm a DA member soon. lunesoldier20: Thanks for being my friend! :D
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