Alazne Chan Next Generation Organization!

Okay, so I was daydreaming after a test today, and I got a good - albiet strange - idea today...

What if there are other organizations of Nobodies in Kingdom Hearts?

Now here's my challenge! I want YOU to make a "Second Generation" Organization XIII! There are a few things about this new organization:

1. Their names don't have to have an X in them.
2. MUST be completely original members. You can't just morph two Organization XIII members and make them someone (no one?) new.

Right, one more thing: In the description/caption or in the picture itself, tell me a little bit about your member. Remember, this is a whole new group with a whole new goal.

I will be judging on creativity and overall impression. You can use any medium you want, just make it neat! Coloring is nice, too!

Have fun, and try your best! ^^ PM me or comment here if you have any questions!

Now what everyone is waiting for: PRIZES!!!

First Place: A shiny gold medal for your portfolio, 3 wallpaper requests, and a subscription!
Runner-Up: 2 wallie request!
Bronze Medal Winner: A wallie request or fanfiction request.

All those who participated get a gift and a medal! ^^

Congratulations everyone who entered! I wish I could have let everyone win! They were so good! >.< But I cannot, so here are the winners!

First: MissSutcliff - "Bellatrix"
Second: rosel D - "Lightning Fury"
Third: FallenAngel01 - "Zerxen"

Great job everyone! I love all the new characters you created! Xemnas would be proud! xD

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Bellatrix ~MissSutcliff
Lightning Fury ~rosel D
Zerxen ~
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