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Lightning Fury
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My entry for Alazne Chan's Next Generation Organization! challenge:

"Embrace the void."

Lynx,the Emperor of Lightning, is the Nobody of Nyl and is Rank VII within the new OrganizatioI]n XIII. He controls Lightning, and uses it to defeat opponents with rapid attacks using with his weapon, a type of drum akin to what Japanese mythology Raijin is using. He also commands the Blitzen Nobodies, and has the 3rd highest throne among the Organization.

Lynx uses his weapon Gewitter in battle. It is a drum-like weapon that generates electricity when hit by the pair of metal rods that Lynx uses. It momentarily disappears after it a strong lightning attack is used. During that period, Lynx attacks at high speed using a pair of short katana.

He is a high-ranking and independent Organization member, working alone for most of the time. True to his nature, Lynx is emotionless and calm. Though, there are times that he appears agitated, and when he does, he releases huge amounts of electricity around him. He vocally expresses his hatred towards the Heartless.

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