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Gifts alexea arescia: hey~~ happy birthday! ouo Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Neko-san! Sakaira: Happy birthday Lucy77: Happy birthday!^^ DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday!! :D have lots of fun~ DuArMittAllt: Happy Birthday!!!!! :D TamaDoodles24: Hapi Blated Bday! Sorri i missd it! (:3) ReiKiba: Happy belated birthday! NoirAngel: Happy Birthday! ^__^ Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday NeKo-chan!!! Karisan: Wish U a very Happy Bithday!!! Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! =^D DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day! :D LoveKouichi: Happy Birthday Neko Neko! //- ^ hackerblackrose: Happy Birthday � it's a day before mine! Butterflykiss: Happy Birthday Neko Peko! Moka: A PITCHER FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY Amestar: Happy Birthday Nekekekkek :P ItachiSasuke: Congrats on your promotion! :D : a cuppycake for you � take care neko! :3 ItachiSasuke: Random gift~ Because you're amazing! :D X MAGE X: Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one :D Immortal Queen: Happy Birthday!!!! blue dragon123: Happy Birthday! NeKo MoonShine ItachiSasuke: Happy belated birthday my friend~! ^__^ Champire: Happy-late-Birthday!! :D Stocking: happy late birthday, kind of 8D;; : Happy Birthday ^-^ ForeverForget: Happy Birthday! ^-^ DistantStar: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! :) Linku-kun: Happy Birthdya my love~ Angel: Happy b-day ^_^ Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!! kamichama karin s: :3 !yadhtrib yppah Lucy77: Happy birthday!^^ Amestar: Happy Birthday neeekekekeeo Hanaro Souhi: Happy Birthday! ^ w ^ Butterflykiss: happy Birthday Neko!!! :D hackerblackrose: Happy Birthday � superstarpanou: Happy happy birthday to youuu~~!! ENJOY! 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! =^D reichiinya: Happy Birthday! teapartyprincess: happy birthday nemonemo!!! Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) Moka: happy birfdaay nemo! : Happy Birthday :) Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday DeathSeraph: Happy birthday!! ^^ have an happy day :) Spectre: Happy Birthday Neko!! :D : happy birthday neko! :D Karisan: Wish U a very Happy Birthday Nekochan!^^ Kami-chan.x3: A banana for you. lol. random. XD *hugs* LGA775: You asked for a cupcake? Hehe angluvdeath: thanks for the subs neogeneva01: thanks for the sub!! ashio: Hope you had a great V-day! *huggles* :) pandabearluv: happy valentines day ^^ Moka: happy v daay : >:P HAPPEH FRICKIN V-DAY! lol neko Misty kitten: congrats on your promotion!! :) superstarpanou: Congrats on your promotion, Neko! Yay! X MAGE X: Thanks for the sub! :D ChiharuKazane: And another for being awesome, lol ChiharuKazane: Thanks for the Card Dedication! Vioxx: thank you for the sub ~ :] : Thanks for the sub :D catsworld: Chocolate bunny! The best kind! XD : Merry X-mas :) brain freeze teapartyprincess: merry christmas and happy new year :3 : Merry Decorated Dead Tree Day! :D : Happy Holidays~! :D Xenesis: Merry Christmas to you, too! |D NoirAngel: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ^_^ : TE AMO � superstarpanou: Happy Halloween to you too, dear! :D teapartyprincess: happy holloween :3 Hanako Sho: Happy Halloween! >:D Vivianlove: Love for October <3 AlainaTheRawr: Yay!!! :3 AlainaTheRawr: Thanks for subscribing!! Kami-chan.x3: Brushie Brushie. X3 Kami-chan.x3: Because Sushi's Good... Right? :3 yuuki fiedell: Congrats on the promotion! =D XkeyofdestinyX: heehee~ congrats ^0^ alexea arescia: Congratulations!may members promotion Vivianlove: Have a nice day!! neko Misty kitten: a kitty to celebrate your promotion!! Hanako Sho: Congrats on the promotion!!! ^^ Xenesis: No problem! :3 *huggles back* Xenesis: Do have this easel, my good friend! 8D WhiteFlame96: Thanks for the Sub!!!!! Cookie for you!! dusktilldawn713: thanx for subbing :D wolfpupable: thanks for subbing Kiiika: thx for the sub... ^^ : Thank you for playing "Away" game~ :) : Thanks for subbing me! ^_^ : Wrong! Xenesis: IT'S A DUCKIE! O 3 O Row76: Np~ :3 I enjoy it Stocking: 8DDDD : <3 omg i love chu~ lol ecnelisterger: Belated birthday!!!! :D TelisaofLight: HAPPY B-DAY!!!! Have a good 1 =^.^= TamaDoodles24: sorry im late! happi b-lated b-day!!! XD Katty Shouto: HHHAAAPPPYYY BBBIIIRRRTTTHHHDDDAAAYYY!!! nin-chaz: happy birthday AIloveAkuma: Happy Birthday!!! (sorry it's late!) kobato chii: Happy Birthday! Otanjoubi Omedetto^_^ Hevn: Happy Birthday!~:) : HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D : happy birthday Awoodz : happy birthday kamichama karin s: happy birthday!^^ Hanaro Souhi: Happy Birthday!~ =^_^= : ENJOY ALL THE POCKY!!!! : I liek pie : VICTORIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMNOMNOM!!! : Lots of pocky for birthday girl!!! : Hope it was a good one!!! : Happyh Birthday!!! reichiinya: hope you enjoy your birthday pocky! : happy b-day hear is a gift. superstarpanou: Happy Birthday! A little gift for you~ Amestar: Happy Birthday LightFykki: Happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^__^ babygurl24: ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRFDAY NEKO!!! :DDD : HAPPY BIRTHDAY ashio: It's a lovely little surprise! :) ashio: I made it myself :P Make a wish!! ^^ Bleachic: Happy Birthday :3 curaneko: Happy Birthday ,have a cake! : Happy b-day Neko! i love you � Butterflykiss: Happy Birthday! I hope it's great!! jimmerlee: Happy Birthday :D teapartyprincess: happy birthday :3 NoirAngel: Happy Birthday! ^_^ nin-chaz: happy birthday! animegirl171: Happy birthday!  ~:) Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday!!! ItachiSasuke: Happy birthday! And congrats of promo! RayMan87: have a great B day ! akatsuki15: Happy Birthday! Takosu Echidna: Happy birthday :D josephine12cute: Happy Birthday, my friend... :D yuuki fiedell: N~E~K~O  =^_____^= yuuki fiedell: B~I~R~T~H~D~A~Y  <33333333333333 yuuki fiedell: H~A~P~P~Y <33333333333333333 : a bday ice cream for the bday girl! :D : HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEKO!! :D Immortal Queen: Happy Birthday!!!!!! ninjaking: HAPPY BIRTHDAY WingedBanshee: Thank you sorry I haven't been on! dfdfdfdf: hope u had a great easter ecnelisterger: ^_^ Happy Easter~~~ Amestar: Happy Easter Nekoooooooooooooo! : Happy Easter! ^_^ teapartyprincess: happy easter, eat the bunny and love it! kikkima: Happy Easter :D : Happy Easter Neko! ROCK ON!!!!! Hevn: Have A Happy Easter!!!^_^ Zennyxchan: happy easter! piggyback garu: FEAR THE BIRD D: happeh easter Xenesis: Happy Easter~ *Cheepcheep* a peep for u~ mike2319: Happy Easter^^ have some chocolate :P : <3 happy easter lovelyyy lol : Happy Easter :) : The cake is a lie... Cuz it's EASTER! :D : happy easter!!! :3 Miracle Star19: HAPPEH EASTER!!! :3 apple pai: Happy Birthday^_^...a lil gift frm me!!! apple pai: Here u go I have ice-cream 4 u Vic!! ashio: Happy Easter Neko! Immortal Queen: Happy Easter!!!!! kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! yuuki fiedell: congrat for the promotion! ^-^ Morbid Dollie: Congrats on the promotion! X3 littlepooch: ^.^ Congratulations on the promotion! <3 Hulaberry32: Thanks for being an awesome friend! ^^ : a cookeh for you, sorry i ate some ^^" harplayer: Thanks for participating in my challenge swizzledhazelnut: thanks for the sub X3 kobato chii: Arigato...^ ^ Quiet Noise: thank u! hope u had a nice v-day too.. Miracle Star19: HAPPEH V-DAY!!! =3 babygurl24: happy valentines day!!!!! aminesick: and a happy day to you too.Thank you!^_^ ashio: Happy Valentine's day to you too xD : love you : love you : love you : happy love day LightFykki: Happy Valentine's day to you as well! :D NoirAngel: Happy Valentine's Day to you too ^_^ : happy hearts day!! :D teapartyprincess: happy valentine's day ^_^ LightFykki: Thank you so much for the sub!! Kaerlyn: thanks for subscribing :D Carbon Frost: thanks for the subs!! :] ashio: get well soon :) ashio: Have a great 2011 josephine12cute: Merry Xmas & Happy New Year :)) Quiet Noise: wish u Happy Holidays! ^_____^ keeksta: Merreh Christmas -w- ReiKiba: Merry Christmas and H.New Year! ^-^ ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas & Happy New Years! :) kikkima: merry Christmas!! NoirAngel: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ^_^ babygurl24: Pocky sisters!!!! X3 : happy turkey day hun NoirAngel: Thank you for the sub  ^_^ ReiKiba: Happy Halloween~!!! xD teapartyprincess: happy holloween!! ^^ bunasaur: thank you for subbing! :) x Bleachic: A little gift for a new friend! *^^* reirei18 : thx for joining Game Illust Contest.. <3 ashio: have a good summer!! lovesrukia: miss you :/ Gaby4646: Happy late Birthday! HopeDragon: Happy late B-day! ^^ jimmerlee: Hopes you like the card :3 jimmerlee: Happeh Birthday!!! :D Zennyxchan: happy birthday! IchigoKuromaru09: happy birthday neko~sligirl babygurl24: i can be just as romantic as jct lol babygurl24: Here's a kitty just for you! Happy 18th! Miracle Star19: NEKO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :DDD Gravity4Ever: Happy Birthday! Have a great day!(>^.^)> ashio: open it! its a surprise^^happy birthday! : almost as sweet as you : happy b day : happy b day : happy b day : hay hun : almost as sweet as you : happy b day : happy b day : happy b day : happy b day : happy b day : happy b day : happy b day : happy b day : happy b day : happy b day : happy b day : happy b day : happy b day : happy b day : happy b day : happy day love : happy b day kisses : happy b day kisses : anything for you : happy b day : hey Blue Latte: A cute piggy for your birthday :) Pantalaimon1467: Happy Birthday! =D Enjoy the cookie! ^_^ Namie Kamikaze: Happy Birthday ^^ Champire: HAAAAAPPYYYY BIRTHDAAAYYY!!!!!! XD StarlightPrincess: Happy B-day!!!! ashio: something sweet for a great friend^^ IchigoKuromaru09: u can still call me sligirl if u want to : almost as sweet as you : i wonder : anything for you : hay hun Reenigrl: tld you u'd get a cookie XD Champire: Happy Easter!!!!! ^-^ Champire: Helloooooo!!!!!!! ^-^ =3 babygurl24: Love ya girly! Miss talkin to you! Miracle Star19: Happy St. Patty day's *no clover too* XD jimmerlee: Happy St. Pattys Day :D Gemnote7: Yo, Buddy!^^ Rebirth of Soul: i loves ya! StarlightPrincess: Hey Buddy!!^^ hitori mitsuki: thanks for being my friend! Gaby4646: : )
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