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Ok so many of us are pokemon fans and recently I've seen a few of my friends submitting their versions of new evveeloutions that don't exist. Such as ghost type, flying type, poison type. and others. Well I bring to you a challenge. Create your own evveeloution of any type other than the one's that already exist. Such as Fire. We already have flareon for that. Now I am sad to say there will be no prizes because I kinda lack the talent to give you one. This challenge is mostly for fun and to stretch your creative legs. Though you do get a cool little medal on your profile! :D

Now for the rules

1) Follow the usual Otaku rules. Keep it pg-13, No yaoi/yuri/anything 'adult'

2)It must be a pokemon. Not any Gijinka or otherwise human-esque pokemon.

3) Can't be a rendition of an already existing type. It has to be a new type, new name, new look. You can't use fire but you can make an eveeloution for Fire/Ghost or any other combination you wish to explore.

4) Give it a name and use that as the title. Remember the eveeloutions all have 'eon' at the end of their names. (simple enough)

5) In the desc. I'd like you to explain how the evvee evolves into this particular evveeloution. Whether a new stone, a special place, certain pokemon in the party, or even breeding. Just be sure to make it clear how it evolves. (Not as easy as it sounds)

6) No need for dedications. Just submit it. I'll keep checking in to see all the awesome works you great artists have submitted.

7) UNLIMITED ENTRIES! Woo~ Though it does have to be a new work. Not one that you have already created.

8) No stealing (of course)

9) Have fun! It's pretty much the only reward there will be. The fun in creating a new evveeloution and how it evolves into that.

10( The type can't be made up. It has to be a type or mix of types that are canon to the pokemon games/series. Meaning no 'Angel' 'holy' 'demon' 'star' 'alien' types. :P I friend of mine pointed out that I should add this rule just in case. lol Though there's nothing stopping you from drawing it and submitting it just as fan art.

You have one month. Simple enough. Oh and you can even submit different version of the same type (such as ghost, rock, steel) but not multiple of the same pokemon just drawn in a different way. I hope there was nothing lost in translation. Anyway! I hope to see many contestants! If you have any questions feel free to PM me and I'll answer them to the best of my ability. :3


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