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Hello! It's been awhile since I have done a fanart contest. I will keep it relatively easy. As the challenge suggests, you will draw ponies, My Little Ponies that is.

But the challenge is called "Pony-fied" for a reason. What I want you to do is take any anime character and make them into a My Little Pony. Easy? Well maybe or maybe not. Here is what I am looking for to help you have a better idea of what I am talking about.

This is a Pony-fied Sailor Moon.

Now what I am expecting is for you to draw your pony like the character and it needs to show those traits. So in the case of Sailor Moon pony, she had the outfit on, the wings, the hair, the color, and so forth. So if you draw Ichigo from Bleach, I expect to see a pony with orange hair, masculine, and maybe a black shinigami outfit. If you draw Izaya from Drrr!! I expect a pony with a fuzzy jacket on and a sinister smile. See I want you to be creative.


Draw your favorite character as a pony.


  • Needs to be an anime/video game character, NO ORIGINAL CHARACTERS.
  • Put Pony-fied in the tags.
  • Dedicate it to me, Team Plasma N.
  • The pony has to be colored, the skin can be whatever you desire unless the character is a certain color.
  • No need for a background, leave the background a single color, white, red, etc.
  • Catch the personality of the character in the pony.
  • Don't follow these rules and I will ignore your artwork.

Top three medals
Depending on time I will redraw your characters as ponies later on!

I will be judging on creativity but I am also judging you on how much you like that character. So tell me why you choose the character. I am excited to see everyone's ponies! Two months and as many as you like to enter! ;) Enjoy!

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