Angel Zakuro mixed messages.

Hello, all! How are you guys? It's been a couple weeks now since my Kpop challenge, I think...that one went soooo well! <333 I thank you all for the wonderful entries!! It was one of the hardest to choose winners for. Really. D: Now let's see if you can make it really hard on me for this challenge, too lol!

Mixed messages. You know, someone says one thing, but they really mean another. Or maybe it's a misunderstanding. Maybe they say something, and you think it means something...when that wasn't their intention at all!!

So for this challenge, I want to play that up. I'd like you to create a card that expresses a mixed message. But how? Here are some ways:

  • your quote/lyrics/typography are saying something that doesn't match up with your image's theme at all (a happy saying with a girl crying as your pic)
  • the quote and image may share the same theme, but say the font you chose doesn't really express it (something really angry/violent, but the font is elegant, script-like)
  • find a quote/lyric (make up your own, too of course lol) that is contradictory in itself
  • have the quote actually deal with the CONCEPT of mixed messages or communication
  • any other way you can possibly think it could work lol! I will probably be rather lenient, as this seems confusing. XD

I know. It DOES sound confusing, but mixed messages are like that. Gotta make a challenge a challenge, right? If you have any questions, please do ask. And again, I will probably be pretty lenient with what will work here. As long as I understand what you were going for, it's fine. :) ANY ANIME/MANGA/VIDEOGAME/REAL PEOPLE/YAOI/YURI...all is 100000% accepted. <3

3 submissions per person, please! And please, please, please, keep them high quality! I don't want bright ugly-colored type on sucky-quality screencaps, ok? Even if it's your idea for the challenge to mix and match quality with low-quality, please don't. That's not a mixed message, that's just poor taste to incorporate anything pixelated lol.

You have 2 months! I would do 1, but that is actually when I will be graduating...kind of lol...and I dunno. XD 2 months sounds good. GOOD LUCK!

P.S. Please write in your description what your mixed message is! As in, which of the methods you were using (the bullets above). I am a bit of an idiot at times, so I'd like to have it properly explained. Thank you~

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