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I Can't Wait...

Ok so here is my entry to Angel Zakuro's challenge, mixed messages. First off, I have never read or seen Nana so I don't really know much about the characters' backgrounds. I saw this lovely scan while browsing minitokyo and had an idea for it.

mixed message: I saw the image as a boy trying to seek comfort from a girl, a girl whom I thought he probably cares about by the way they are holding each other. So when you want comfort from someone, you usually don't want to run away from them. The words are telling the opposite and I chose a bold typography to show the harshness of the words. The smaller words were just for decoration but they do add to the mixed message. They are to be read as: Can't wait...."to leave you waiting in the dust. to never see your face again. to see you in someone else's start a new life without you." That in itself is a paradox, to never see your face again... then saying can't wait to see you in someone else's arms. I guess I am still in poetry mode XD

I played around with two gradients and different blending modes. I also sharpened the image a bit. Hugs/comments are appreciated. Hope you like it and hopefully this works for the challenge. Take care


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mixed messages.

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