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I miss seeing Sailor Moon wallpapers everywhere, and I miss Sailor Moon period. :(

LETS FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So everyone: You are to create a Sailor Moon wallpaper, of any character you want. Just make sure they're a Sailor Moon character.

Challenge: You also must tell me why you made this wallpaper. Not "To enter this wallpaper challenge" Maybe it's that you really like that image (then state why of course) or maybe you and that character are similar (personality or hair or something) or maybe its you feel you have that element (lightning, water, ect). The better the reason, the more chances you'll have of winning.


1. Absolutely no plagiarism (no zerochan, no pixiv, no google, ect) Use or minitokyo. If you use DA make sure the thing you're using, is ok with owner/producer. Make sure they say "free for use" or "no rules" or whatever. If nothing is said, to bad don't use it. automatic disqualification
2. If you use pictures off the internet, you must link it so I can go to the website, and to give credit to the creator, if you don't, automatic disqualification (includes fonts and brushes). Don't link to minitokyo, link to page you got the scan off of
3. Don't forget to say why you made this wallpaper
4. No nudity, or anything like that, or automatic disqualification
5. 2 entries maximum
6. Put 'Tsuki' (the japanese word for moon) into your tags. I want to make sure you read the rules, if you don't, automatic disqualification


These are things I'll be judging:

How well you followed the rules
The ecard itself
How hard I think you worked on it

Winners will receive an avatar of their winning wallpaper character

(3 months! If you have questions, comment below or PM me)

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