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Gifts : lol!!!!! : Thanks 4 everything!!! : Thanx 4 favoriting my comic book! YourProtector: Bleahhhhhh! It's your fault!!!!:p AngelTeukie: Oh oh oh wooooooooo! kamichama karin s: Happy Valentines day! a rose for you! <3 Box of Cherries: Yahh, Unnie!It's not funny!I'm a NOONA! Box of Cherries: Zelo is 15?What the...I'm a noona!No!T^T MoonLight Pearl: Let's make SUPER JUNIOR WIN!<3 LoveLikeThis: Boom Boom Boom? AngelTeukie: nyannn!~ : Jack-O-Lantern Yosuke Hanamora: thanx gravity! it was fun! : Thanks for subbing me! ^_^ : Flirt!!!!!!!!OMG I can't breath!xD xD xD YourProtector: what????????????????????????o.O Box of Cherries: ar vrea el!!! :)) MoonLight Pearl: ahhhhhhh 20 milions!!!!!!super!!!<3 Box of Cherries: 1 cupcake a day keeps the dentistnearyou AngelTeukie: *ham ham ham* O3O JanetChan: Awes, thank you sho much! >_< � Box of Cherries: Paste Fericit!!!Hristos A Inviat!!! AngelTeukie: Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!^^ : Paste Fericit!!!Hristos A Inviat!^^ YourProtector: Happy Easter my darling!!!^^ LoveLikeThis: HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 MoonLight Pearl: ~~~Happy Easter!!!~~~ kikkima: Happy Easter :D Hevn: Have A Happy Easter!!!^_^ : Happy Easter! Bluemoon Halo: and thank you for the sub! AngelTeukie: just like a fan should be!!!!<3 : thank you for the gift! :} YourProtector: of course I am AMAZING!!!! xD kikkima: happy V-day ^_^ AngelTeukie: cuz I want!!!!!xD teapartyprincess: happy valentine's day ^_^ : because I ~love~ him! >//< xX loveless Xx: thanks for the sub!! ^___^ AngelTeukie: yeah baby HE is CUUUTEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!<3 MoonLight Pearl: Me+You=Alexander???? what the ..xD LoveLikeThis: You are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3 chrono elric: Thanks for the subscription chrono elric: cool picture hanawa: Awwww I missed yah too dear~! *glomps* CrimzonN3k0 z: Thanks for the gift AngelTeukie: ~~~huhu Senior Otaku!!!!!!!!!!!!^^~~~~ YourProtector: congratz on the promotion!!!!<3 MoonLight Pearl: Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(>^3^)> hanawa: Hey it's been a while, so what's up? =) hanawa: Hey it's been a while, so what's up? =) kakashi fangirl 1: thanks for the favs on the drawing Yosuke Hanamora: how was ur christmas and new year? AngelTeukie: yeah I am a pocky freack xD : ~~ Happy Holidays!!!!!!!<3 ~~ MoonLight Pearl: ~ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!~ AngelTeukie: hohoho Merry Christmas!!!!!<3 envythejealous: Happy Holidays!!! LightFykki: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! KittyYulia: ~ Happy holidays my dear <3 !! ~ AnnaKanda: Happy Holidays! : Merry Christmas Girlie :D AngelTeukie: Forever 13+2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 MoonLight Pearl: Yoseob is hot!!!!!!xD*he really is* kikkima: merry Christmas!! cuteboricua91: =D Hope to catch up =] Stay kool X3 : guess who's here!!!!!!!xD MoonLight Pearl: phhhh screw math!!!!!!xD : Thankies for subbing back � AnnaKanda: Thanks for the sub~! XD FrozenRoze: Thank you ^^ : happy halloween!! have fun :) YourProtector: hoho Merry Christ..wait..Happy Halloween MoonLight Pearl: Happy Halloween!!!!!!!^^ LoveLikeThis: Happy Halloween!!!!!!!mwhahahaha!!^^ teapartyprincess: happy holloween ^^ MoonLight Pearl: why don't you use this?>.> LoveLikeThis: ahhhhh sarang hae yo!!!!!!<3 YourProtector: kitty!it's cutter than you :p *joke..* LoveLikeThis: pleasecanyoumakeawalliewith ~SHINee~? MoonLight Pearl: Get well soon my friend!!!!<3 kikkima: cause ur so nice &awesome!! ^_^ : Always keep on writing~ LoveLikeThis: you are AMAZING!! I LoVe you!<3 Bleachic: A gift for a new friend! Thnx 4 subbing! LoveLikeThis: for another Yamapi fan!;) YourProtector: why??why??WHY????????? ^^' LoveLikeThis: you're so sweet!!!!^^ Kitty go boom XD: Thanks for the gift ^ ^ : i really like your wallpapers :D YourProtector: do I need a reason?<3 Allebasisabella: hope u like it ! bye ;) : For all your special notes~ YourProtector: ������欠場�<3 TimeWithoutEnd: lots of thanks for the sub =) TimeWithoutEnd: cool avvie you have there..=) kikkima: heres a little gift to an awsome friend! MoonLight Pearl: a rose for a beautiful and sweet gilr!<3 MoonLight Pearl: IlikeramenYoulikeramenwelikeramen!!!!!!! MoonLight Pearl: pocky !X3 MoonLight Pearl: sushi!!*yummy yummy* MoonLight Pearl: a little piggy!!! YourProtector: not as sweet as you my dear!!<3 : Thanks for the gift! :) VocaloidFreak: Thx for being me friend!! MoonLight Pearl: don't choke with this cherry too XD hanawa: Congrats, you're now an Otakuite ++! FrozenRoze: Thanks for subbing me! =D MoonLight Pearl: thnx for being soooo sweet!!!!*hugs*^^ MoonLight Pearl: for you and your bf Yuu~kun!!!!! :3 : Chocolate pocky for you :) MoonLight Pearl: OMG!!!poor you!*hugs* : A puppy dog for you~ MoonLight Pearl: I wish that you were my little sister!<3 MoonLight Pearl: hope you will get well soon*hugs* Pein104: Hi wanted to give this strawberry 2 u. MoonLight Pearl: You are awesome!!!!Love you <3 lovesrukia: i miss you honey T.T MoonLight Pearl: a beautiful rose for a beautiful girl <3 : thanks for being my best friend -hugs- MoonLight Pearl: now you can ask for his autograph!>w< lovesrukia: i love you ^^ MoonLight Pearl: this is not as sweet as you my friend^^ MoonLight Pearl: a brick,I'm randomXD MoonLight Pearl: yummy,ice cream! ^w^ MoonLight Pearl: just a gift...^^ lovesrukia: <3 MoonLight Pearl: don't be sad dear,he doesn't deseve you! Pein104: hi this is pein104 how r u..lolxz MoonLight Pearl: Stiu ca iti place inghetata (o^^)o : mmmmm..pocky ^3^ : this gift reminds me of someone XD : I know you like sushi very much! : Get well soon!!!!!!! *hugs you* <3 MoonLight Pearl: Thank you very much!!!!!!! ^3^ : ************ Thank you ************ : ~~~          (^3^)/          ~~~ : that cake you made was delicious =^.^= : A XD : I know you like cookies^^ : I know you like cookies^^ : I know you like cookies^^ : I know you like cookies^^ : I know you like cookies^^ : I know you like cookies^^ : yeah..I know XD : A pocky =^.^= : Another gift...yeah XD : You are like a rose ^//^ : it's healthy ^^ : a banana..random XD : yeah..another gift XD : A little gift for you =^.^= : cuz I want to  XD : Don't be sad .....please >^.^< : Thank you for being there ^3^ matsujun4me: Thanks for subscribing! ^_^ : You are sweet like a strawberry =^.^= hanawa: And you are a great friend! ^^ : Happy B-Day!~ :D vanieturnip: happy b'day!!! RedPandaAlchemist: Happy B-Day!!! gabylopez: HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ 1dev13: Happy Birthday! I hope it's awesome! ^-^ NoP: Happy b'day!!!!Wish you all the BEST!!! kamichama karin s: Happy birthday!(hope it rocks!)^.^ : happy birthday^^ hanawa: Otanjoubi Omedeto gozaimas! ^^ Eiri Yuki s Lover: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ^^ HOPE IT ROCKS!!! CrimzonN3k0 z: Happy Birhtday 2 U ^^ akatsuki15: Happy Birthday! TelisaofLight: Happy B-day ^^ Kawaii004: Happy Birthday!! : HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hanaro Souhi: ~Happy Birthday!~  =^___^= Blue Latte: Happy Birthdaaaaay!! cuteboricua91: Another lil gift 4 u :3 <33 thnx4support NoP: Nice to meet you :) gabylopez: YOU;VE BEEN VERY KIND 2 ME(:!!!!!!!!!!!! Kawaii004: Thanks for the gift XD Crehea: Thnx for being a great friend hanawa: Thankies 4 d friendship n comments! ^^ cuteboricua91: Thnx for continuingsupport Yukis hawt!x3 Blue Latte: Thanks for nice comments^^ KitKatKitty: Congrats on the promotion! yuko9kost: thanks for lovely comments^^ : here use some of that energy yuko9kost: thanks for subbing>_< hitori mitsuki: nice to meet ya!! =D nikuro: THANK FOR YOUR COMMENTS:) : Thank you for the comments~ :D Ramilaj: You're a fabulous friend. <3 : A Lovely Rose for a Lovely Lady~
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