Morbid Dollie Strawberry Surprise

Hello everyone! I am back wit yet anoter LAME, BORING AND TOTALLY UNEXCITING wallpaper CHALLENGE!

The title probably gives the whole thing away, but what do I care!? I came up with this while I was in the shower. Yes, THE SHOWER!!! XDDD I use strawberry scented shampoo AND conditioner, so it inspired me! XD

All you have to do is make a Strawberry-themed wallpaper. Rather there's only one strawberry in it, the background being covered in strawberries, someone wearing an outfit with strawberries in it, whatever. I don't care, it just has to be strawberries!!

Simple Rules Apply:

1. Use any anime, manga, book, movie, band, actor/actress, anything you want.
2. No blowing up a scan and calling it a wall. You have to at least toy with the colors a bit, and try to add a bit of your own work, rather it be text, 2 brushes, etc etc.
3. Give credit where credit is due
4. I'd prefer it if you would signature your work to prevent annoying art thieves from taking it
5. Provide, in as much detail as possible, exactly what you did to the wall, and provide a link to the original image so I can actually see the changes you made
6. Submit as many entries as you'd like!

So, you have one month! Good lu----- WAIT! What's this!? There seems to be a TWIST in rule number 1!!!

You can no longer use ANY anime/manga etc etc that you want! You have to do this challenge WITHOUT using Vocaloids!!!

Whereas I do love the Vocaloid walls, designs, characters, etc etc, there are FAR TOO MANY WALLS OF IT. I know, I make them constantly, too, but it's a twist so deal with it!

I apologize to my dear friends Hellokatty and Naruto Uzamaki12 for this, but that's the rule!!! months!! Good luck!!

OH yeah, prizes.....

1st place - 3 walls of your choice, 3 gifts and an ecard
2nd place - 2 walls of your choice and 2 gifts
3rd place - 1 wall and one gift


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