Welcome to Alagaesia: The New Age!

This is a world based off of the series the Inheritance Cycle.
This is a summary of Eragon.
The chapter summaries I think you should read are: Discovery, Awakening, Tea for Two, A Rider's Blade, Revelation at Yazuac, Through a Dragon's eye, Vision of Perfection, and The Glory of Tronjheim.

Brom once said that we don't know how many dragons survived Galbatorix's slaughter of dragons. We also don't know how many dragon eggs are left. There were the three Galbatrix had but what if there were other eggs that were hidden and escaped the slaughter?

You can be with the Empire or the Varden.

In this world you make a character, and they find a dragon egg. Join in the adventure by filling out this form and pming me:

Dragon Rider


1. Stick with the story
2. No Mary-sue or Gary-sues (No perfect people!)
3. No swearing
4. Please keep posting, If you stop posting for more than a month without telling us before hand that you won't be able to post you will receive a notice,and if you continue you'll lose you guest poster status
5. You can only have 1 rider/dragon. You can have 2 other characters but they can't be a rider, and one Werecat
6. Have fun!
7. Follow the rules

Members so far, ranks, and points:

Hatchling (0-49)
Apprentice (50-149)
Dragon Rider (150-249) (get your sword at this stage)
Elder (250-299)
Ebrithil (300-400)
(I'll change it if anyone gets a good way past Ebrithil)

You get points by:
Helping me (Ask me if you want to)
Doing tasks
Getting others to join (Tell me if you do so)
Drawing any of your characters

Amestar(Leader): Elva and Amestar, Vanessa, Rex, Jenoviel
YokoCookieChan(Co-leader): Ari Kunin, Faye Reed and Reath,Fang Tsuo and Seth, Onr Dauthleikr Freohr (Onyx Freih): Apprentice-75
littlepooch(Co-leader): Ray and Rain, Picture of Rain: Apprentice-60
tigerlilly54: Yora Kyouto, Tsuyo Tero: Hatchling-0
XxRaindropsxX: Kia and Ruby: Apprentice-55
MoonsMedly: Aiden and Sasha, Anya, Rue: Hatchling-10
harplayer :Namid and Hesiod: Hatchling-45
Shadowfiend: Azof and Blagos, Garzal,Sunday: Hatchling-40
inufluffy12: Kylina and Crystalia: Hatchling-5
RedStars:Vincent and Eternal Blaze,image of Vicent and Blaze : Hatchling-35
tutcat (Summarizer): Saphire: Hatchling-45
HanakoAnimeaddict: Keiko: Hatchling-30
stinamuffin (Co-leader): Avariella and Leviathan: Hatchling-45
Variance:Taize Gala and Mito: Hatchling-15
Alazne Chan: Kairiena and Gin no yami : Hatchling-20
ashio: Zarine(Zarine's past): Hatchling-25
CDCDCD89: Akkar and Evarínya: Hatchling-40


Tasks are for gaining more points, but are not required.

Writers: Write how and who'd your character be if they came to our time period
Drawers: Draw your character(s) in modern day clothes

Deadline: whenever I get a different idea

Helpful things!

The Story so Far by tutcat (beginning by littlepooch) Thanks so much tutcat!

Our wallpaper and matching border was made by Alazne Chan!! Thank you!

Here is a site for descriptions about species!

Here is a spellbook! (For magic and talking to Elves)

Here is the Dwarven language!

Dwarf Clans!

Elf Houses!

Here is a map of Alagaesia

Just to let you know, the Varden are in the Beor Mountains, not Surda.


I was enjoying this whole learning magic thing. I was healing cuts, and I knew in the time to come, that would come in really handy. I was getting the hang of the whole magic thing. I was finally becoming connected with the magical side of me, and it helped my connection with Ruby as well.

You're doing very well, Kia Ruby told me. She was always watching, lending me advice and words of encouragement.

Thanks! I'm finally getting the hang of this! And I wasn't so stressed and frustrated as before.

Suddenly, Elva was telling us about bandits, and we'd be able to put what we'd been practicing to good work. Finally! We were told to go to the armory and pick out some armor. I found some that fit properly remarkably, and I looked around for Ray to see if she needed any help. Elva was helping her pick out some appropriate gear, and I hurried over to help her into it.

"Ready for some real action?" I asked Ray with a smile.

She nodded albeit a little nervously. "I think so!"

"Let's try to stick together," I suggested. Maybe that way we wouldn't be so nervous about screwing up. I knew she had my back, and she knew I had hers. We all did. We were all in this together.

"Agreed," she nodded and we headed out of the armory and followed along behind Vincent and Kylina.

Hope this okay! I know it's short, but I wanted to get a post up.

Under Pressure (Reminder to post, updates)

Vanessa~ I looked at Kairiena. She would shoot an arrow at the target, then her dragon would retrieve it. It was a good exercise for the both of them. It has been a couple of weeks since Elva had started to train the riders. The...

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Uhh guys a little help here


Do you want me to delete this place?



This world does exist still! I'm thinking about either shutting it down, or making it into a summer rp thing.

You people have to keep posting though

that is all

New Profile For Ray and Rain!

Sorry it took me so long to post it! Name: Rayko Kotoro Nickname(s): Ray Species: Human Age: 18 Gender: Female Looks: She's around five feet five inches with ivory skin and freckles. Eyes: Light brown...

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