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This is my first challenge so here i go! Well i have a great passion for winter, as a lot of my friends know. Personally i think it's the most beautiful season of all, certainly the most fun. I know it's not quite winter yet, but it's not far off! (We all loved those snow days when school would be closed lawl) So i decided to make a winter wallpaper challenge.

Challenge rules are very simple.

1) The theme is winter.

2) You may submit as many wallpapers as you like.

3) Be as creative and possible.

4) Please sign your work to prevent plagiarism, and it must be your own work you are submitting!

5) Give credit where credit is due, and put some detail on how you did your masterpiece!

6) I would prefer if you submitted something new, not something that has previously been made or submitted, new work is fun!

7) And above all have fun being creative!

I'm giving you all 1 month, i thought 2 months because most of you are either starting school again or have already started but i think 1 month is ample time. Have fun Otaku's!!!

Extra note: All participants will receive a premium gift. The winner will get a wallpaper and the 2 runner ups will receive an e-card each. (I'm not all that great with wallpapers and cards etc but i will do my best!)

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Christmas Memories ~SarahPatricia
Eternal Sentiment ~ecnelisterger
S n o w f l a k e s ~1dev13
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