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I'm sure we've all had those times when something in our lives has gone wrong. And when it happens, those times of trouble tend to make you feel like you're stumbling around in the dark. They can make you feel like life is pretty harsh and unfair.

So the theme of this challenge, though along those lines, isn't going to be about your own personal dark times. It's going to be about others who have had their lives torn apart by circumstances beyond their control.

To be specific I'm referring the the string of devastating tornadoes that have hit the US this year and have so far claimed the lives of 512 people. Plus there are all the people who have lost their homes and are having to rebuild their lives.

Now, the idea here is to express your feelings of support for all of the people who have lost something to the storms. For example say a card expressing condolences in regards to those who lost their lives. Or perhaps this makes you realize just how much you really do have to be grateful for. So long as you tie it into this in some way I'll accept the entry.


  • You may enter three times. Any entries beyond that will be disqualified.

  • Please do not use fan art (unless it is your own work).
  • Abide by the rules and keep it clean.
  • Pretty much any category on the site is fair game for this.


  • First Place: AnimePaper Contest Badge for 500 papers

  • Second Place: AnimePaper Contest Badge for 250 papers
  • Third Place: AnimePaper Contest Badge for 100 papers

Now since I know people will ask why AnimePaper, it's simple. I'm a community scanner at that site so by offering papers there it gives you access to around 170,000 high quality scans that you can spend those papers on. Since scans cost from 20-70 papers to download, each prize will easily net everyone some nice high quality scans that they can pick out themselves.

I also know people will ask 'what if I'm not a member there'. That too is simple. If you are one of the winners, joining AnimePaper, is free. All you have to do is take a few minutes to sign up, give me your username and I'll award you the badge.

Anyway, you all have a month. If there are other questions just ask in the comments and I'll address them.

Special credit goes to Kei for helping me come up with the idea for this challenge. Thank you so much, Kei. <3

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