Rosie Chan The Rice Ball X The Cat or The Rat?

WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Todays challenge will be involving with a certain Fruits Basket i found today :) I first had watch the anime when i was 8 years old. My dad had rented it for me and i thought it was okay. But then i watched it again. And I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!! *clears throat* Anways. Obviously i want a wallpaper about Fruits basket. But i want it with the pairings of Tohru Honda with Kyo or Yuki Sohma. (Im personally a Cat lover...) ahahaha again off track. Lets continue!!!


-I don't want any other character of fruits basket besides those three
-Must have one guy and a girl...
. Im not saying you can't have 2 guys~
-I don't want just a picture of Tohru kissing an anime dude plastered on a field of flowers. Add more than a few pictures in the wallpaper.

Also, If you don't want to do anything like that and have a great idea in mind. Go for it. If it blows me away you have a great chance at winning!


-Im sure you wouldn't care for one of my dedications of artwork but ill try my best to create a great one for the top 3 winners

-Sign on GB and sub

-Some gifts for working so hard!!! :D

Any questions~
Okay! I really want a Fruits Basket wallpaper on my desktop! Try your best! Thank you

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