nirvana donut One Color - Make it Count (Color Splash)

EDIT! I have now learned, this is called a "Color Splash"

Have you ever seen a beautiful black and white image (or drawing)?
<i>of course you have</i>

A well made black and white is much more striking than a color picture.

What is even more striking?

For this contest, I would like you to use a black and white picture (can be of anything - no nudity, but i think you know what i mean. any anime/show/photographer/etc)

<b>add color to one aspect of the photo</b>

does that make sense? you've seen it before i am sure.

You may add any effects, words, or borders that you like, but only one piece on the ecard may have color in it.

here are some examples of what i am looking for.
(i realize that there is also a colored bar on that card - i would prefer no colored bars, but if you find yourself dying to add one, i will not disqualify you)
Sebastian for Chocolatemud
(yeah, i know it is a bit rude to show your own stuff as examples, but i am having trouble finding examples at the moment)




Basically, I want the ONE colored piece to really stick out.

Winners: (p.s. avatars are my specialty)
1st place: 2 things- Whatevah you want (graphics wise)
2nd place: 1 thing- whatevah you want (still graphics wise)
3rd place: an ecard or an avatar of your choice
honorable mention: an avatar of your choice

If you have any questions, please comment/message/stalk me. (ok, don't stalk me)

thank you for reading this, and i can't wait to see many entries.

If I invited you... I think you are cool! I understand if you do not have the time (or the interest) for this contest (Just thought i would invite cool people)

If I did not invite you... you're still cool for reading this. bahaha, see, i can't lose.

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Without You ~Dark Flame 3479
~Blue Bird~ ~yuuki fiedell
Yellow Boy ~Ritona
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