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Gifts DemonsandAngels: Happy birthday! Hope it's wonderful!! Lucy77: Happy birthday^^ Hevn: ^_^ Hevn: Thank youu! :-) alexea arescia: hey~ remember me? happy birthday! ouo ninetailslover: Thank you alexea arescia: Belated happy birthday Yuuki~! ^~^ Lucy77: Happy birthday!^^ chocolatemud: thank you for entering my challenge ^.^ anise fiedell: thank you so much...muaaahhh~i love you anise fiedell: strawberry for you...~ ;) anise fiedell: bobby.. <3 anise fiedell: take this bricks! :P hehee alexea arescia: Belated Happy Birthday ! ^-^ TamaDoodles24: hapi b-lated b-day! HUGS! (>' -')> ItachiSasuke: Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one :D DemonsandAngels: Happy Birthday!! anise fiedell: happy birthday one~chan...!! kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! ItachiSasuke: Congrats on your promotion~! ^__^ Hanako Sho: Happy Valentine's to you <3 alexea arescia: Happy Valentines Day alexea arescia: Happy Valentines Day to you Yuuki! kita mikichi: Congrats on your Promotion! alexea arescia: Congratulations!May members promotion! Hanako Sho: Happy holidays, my dear friend! :D nirvana donut: Happy New Year 2012! alexea arescia: Yuuki! Merry Christmas!!! alexea arescia: Yuuki! Merry Christmas!!! alexea arescia: You're welcome^^ HotRamen2Go009: Happy Birthday! Have a good one : Happy Birthday :D 2otaku2: !!!YADHTRIB YPPAH xxNoExistencexx: Happy bday :D alexea arescia: A very special birthday to you Yuuki!!! : Hope you have a happy birthday! Hanako Sho: Happy Halloween! >:D 7deadlyhomunculi: your artwork is stunning! flower for u~ swizzledhazelnut: TRUE BUT WHEN IT IS HALLOWEEN alexea arescia: Thank you so much for everything!!! ^^ swizzledhazelnut: you can only send 15 gifts! =( swizzledhazelnut: Your Welcome swizzledhazelnut: Fruits are good for you =) swizzledhazelnut: LOL that means you obviously no =O gasp swizzledhazelnut: Did you know schools back =O swizzledhazelnut: Happy birthday wait...nevermind =D enjoy akatsuki15: Thank you thank you. lol TamaDoodles24: tank ya so much!!! XD adolf: thaaanks :))) your work is amazing swizzledhazelnut: I love~ie your wallie..COMGRAtS Winner : Thanks :D Vivianlove: Awwww, thank you <3 akatsuki15: Heh maybe we were... nirvana donut: lol! no problem! akatsuki15: I forgot what we were talking about lol nirvana donut: you rule! Domine Kuro: mhm ^^ Domine Kuro: thanks for the rose @>> EverybodysFool: Thanks for the gift ^^ ilovetamaki: hi Domine Kuro: vitamin C. thanks. gives you carbs. Domine Kuro: subbing is indeed fun ^_^ Domine Kuro: thanks for subing back Domine Kuro: no prob my friend. ilovetamaki: Thanks for the gifts! : Thanks for subbing me! ^_^ : Thanks for subbing me! ^_^ : Thnak you! nirvana donut: thanks for the beautiful contest entry! : thank you >w< Hanako Sho: Thankies :3 Aiden Elric: thx for caring!! Hevn: And a cute pink pig! LOl! I love pink!XD Hevn: THANK YOUU! Have another cupcake!^_^ xD Hevn: Sooo sweet too!~^^ (: Hevn: Are~ Hevn: You~~~ Hevn: lol. thanks! ^_^ akatsuki15: Haha I've never been to disneyland. Fun? akatsuki15: Thanks for the gift! And the dedication! Hevn: Here have a cupcake~! ^_^ xD Hevn: Much~~! :D Hevn: So~ Hevn: You~ Hevn: it's ok! lol. Thank~ Hevn: Thx! :) Here is some Icecream!!! -^_^- Hevn: Yay~! :) Thank you!!!^_^ Viollet: Thank you ^^, : thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!<3 hetcheywerewolf: OMG !! I DIDNT EVEN KN AAAAA YAYYYZZZ!!! ambrensakura : Thank you!!!!!!! X3 alexea arescia: thank you so much for the gift yuuki kobato chii: Be happy...^_^ Aiden Elric: thancks 4 the gifts! hetcheywerewolf: oooo look a pie!!! nom nom nom XD kobato chii: ....^_^.... kobato chii: Thanks..^_^ Be happy.. TamaDoodles24: thanks to you as well!!! X3   XD nirvana donut: meow. XD Awoodz : yay Awoodz : yay JanetChan: That!!! >_< JanetChan: Saying JanetChan: For JanetChan: Thanks CharlesGAMEsbirro: thanks for the subs! ^^ Yammi chan: You're welcome dear  <333 Nino Umaka: Congrats on getting 3rd! :3 nirvana donut: thanks for your entry!!! JanetChan: Gifts! >_< ��� JanetChan: Teh JanetChan: For JanetChan: You JanetChan: Thank ecnelisterger: ^_^ Happy Easter~~~ : Happy Easter! ^_^ Yammi chan: Happy Easter, Yuuki-chan =^___~= Hevn: Have A Happy Easter!!!^_^ : Happy Easter! ambrensakura : thanks for the gift X3 Bluemoon Halo: Thank you XD! ninetailslover: Thank you!!! Hevn: lAww, Thank you! :) have a cupcake~ Yammi chan: Thank you, Yuuki-chan <33 Littledevil88: Thankz for the sub! Bleachic: Grazie amico!  I appreciate your sub! :3 ecnelisterger: Congrats for the promotion! :D : Thanks for the sub =3
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