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EDIT: Attention for those who have received a special mention award: Please either leave a comment in this challenge or message me to request your icon award. Please include all the specifics of your request (image, wording, character, etc). It is your job to contact me about your awards. After March 31, I will no longer be taking requests for these awards.

Thanks for all the great horrible entries for my last challenge! Incase you couldn't tell, I really enjoyed them all.

This next challenge won't be as painful as my last one. I promise. I'd like for y'all to make a card focusing on sweets. I wanna see some yummy desserts in this challenge! And unlike my previous challenge, I will be looking for high quality cards. Don't even think about entering anything that resembles these. That's unacceptable and will be disqualified immediately.

Examples of what I'm looking for: |1|2|3|4|

- Card can be any type/genre.
- If using a quote, please give the source.
- Yaoi/yuri is allowed.
- Cards must be from an anime, manga, or original art source.
- Unlimited Entries
- Oh, and lastly - anyone's allowed to enter!

First Place - Two Card Requests + Two Avatar/Icon Requests
Second Place - One Card Request + Two Avatar/Icon Requests
Third Place - Two Avatar/Icon Requests
Special Mentions - 1 Avatar/Icon Request [Each]

*In the event of a tie, a gift will be in place of a medal.

Special Mentions (In No Particular Order)
*- box Chocolate Bonbons. -* by Hanaro Souhi
Candy and Poison by Dytah Dorojin
Your Sweetness... by Hulaberry32
like sugar. by Angel Zakuro
Do you dream in chocolate by Yours Truly
Sweetness is the B E S T by Asuha612
or love's gonna get you down by MFran
what we need by chibi-anna-chan
Sweet Dreams by Solenm Serpent

Winner Prizes

I will be judging based on creativity and quality, so do your best & good luck!

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37 entries
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Challenge completed
the sweetest thing ~
A Sweet Life ~Timcanpy14
Lollipop ~sweetdevil
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