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woot! 3rd challenge! gosh they are so addicting to make! but this time its a wallie challenge! XD i came up with a good idea too! alright alright! time to explain the challenge! well If some of you who know me keep track of my posts and are reading this, then you should know of my Vocaloid Family! I'm the Rin Kagamine in the vocaloid Family and the oldest child! I Want You Guys Too Make A Wallpaper Of A Member Of My Vocaloid Family Or Make A Wallpaper Of Some Of The Family Members Together! sound easy? once again, i like to keep things simple!

i'll list the family members. next to the name is the username and "title".

Family Members

  • Megurine Luka[xAngelWings-Mother]
  • Rin Kagamine[hellokatty-Daughter/oldest sister]
  • Len Kagamine[Naruto Uzamaki12-Son/Younger Brother/Older Brother]
  • Hatsune Miku[Valde1-Daughter/Younger Sister]
  • Yowane Haku[Macaiah-Daughter/Younger Sister]
  • SF-A2 Miki[Lonely Uta-Daughter/Youngest Sister/Youngest Child]


* If you Didn't understand at First i'll make it clear: You are Making a Wallpaper of a Member Of My Vocaloid Family or You can Do A Group Wallpaper!

* Example of a group wallpaper: A wallpaper that has Rin and Len in it, a Wallpaper with Luka, Miku, and Rin in it....etc. you get the idea.

* If you make a wallie with only one family member You MUST dedicate that wallie to the member that is that family member. Example: If you make a wallie of Megurine Luka you MUST dedicate the Wall to xAngelWings!!

* If you make a group wall you don't have to Dedicate the wall to a family member. only if u want too. But you will get extra points for the group wall if you dedicate it to xAngelWings. she is the mother afterall! XD [Luka is our mommy! <3] but this is only an option.

* YOU MUST ONLY MAKE A WALL OF THE FAMILY MEMBERS LISTED!!! I don't want Meiko, Kaito, Gumi, Teto, Gakupo or any other vocaloids/UTAUs not listed in the wall! this is in honor of my Family and my siblings! NO OUTSIDERS!! [hehehee i love you Momma Luka, Len Len, Miku Miku, Haku-chan, and Miki-chan! Rin Rin loves you! <3]

* Keep it family appropriate! I don't want any Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai etc. [I want my younger siblings to stay pure! <3]

* Members of the Vocaloid Family can participate too! [yes i'm talking to you Len Len, Miki-chan, and Haku-chan! Miku Miku and Momma Luka went on Vacation! XD]

* Unlimited Submissions! GO WILD!!!

* HAVE FUN!!!!

now for the Awards!!

Winners will get: A wallpaper of their Favorite Vocaloid and a shiny Gold Medal!

You Have two Months! Plenty of Time to make a wallie! :3

oh and i'm not good at explaining things so if you have any questions regarding this challenge please ask away! XD

Have Fun!!! Go out there and Make some Wallies!

In Honor Of My Vocaloid Family! Rin Rin Loves You All!

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