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Let's pretend I'm someone interviewing you... Tell me what it is that is so special about you. Show what you think your best quality/talent/feature(s) are that help you to stand out. Is your beauty what makes you stand out? Perhaps your aggressive personality is what sets you apart? Or maybe your detailed skills with painting is what truly makes you shine? Whatever aspect of yourself you decide to use, be sure to clearly amplify your idea! Also, along with your card, please elaborate on why you picked that certain aspect in the description. This explanation is mandatory.

Card Examples: ( 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 )

Also, since I don't feel like being a nice person, I will enforce this rule: Do not submit an entry that looks like this. If I see anything closely resembling this, your entry will be disqualified and you will not be allowed to re-enter. And I will cry. I expect these entries to be high quality, well planned, and closely detailed. This is common sense stuff, so please make sure the typography stands out and is legible! Please do not disappoint me!

- Card may be any genre (cryptic, for fun, inspirational, etc...)
- If using a quote, please give the source.
- Yaoi and yuri is allowed.
- Use proper grammar.
- All cards entered are subject to judge's critique and elimination.
- Card must be followed by description.
- 1 Entry per person.
- Do not dedicate your entry to me unless it was made for me. LOL SRSLY..
- Challenge open for all users.

First Place - Two Card Requests + Four Avatar/Icon Requests
Second Place - One Card Request + Four Avatar/Icon Requests
Third Place - Four Avatar/Icon Requests
Special Mentions - 1 Avatar/Icon Request (each)

I will be judging each card based on creativity, quality, technique, and overall visual appeal. This means I would like to see a lot of work put into your entries! Be sure to use tools such as PhotoShop brushes, textures, C4Ds, and color adjustments to make your work look complete! Sloppy entries will not be considered. Please do your best, and good luck!

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