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Gifts Naomi Bear: Merry Christmas! � Nae and Estelle � you wallpaperotaku: Happy birthday blue! : Happy Birthday. Hope it goes well. :) LGA775: Havent forgotten about you my friend Otomi Babii: For my Chi,  I miss you babe! -Lupe � AAKreations: Happy (VERY Late) Bday! c': JBXKS: Happy Happy Happy Birthday!! vdr-07: happy b-day :D!!!! wallpaperotaku: happy birthday!!!!! :D :D :D : Thanks for joining in on my challenge ^^ : Hopes for an amazing New Year! aoneko: happy Birthday bluesen~! Otomi Babii: Birthday Present ? :3 Saerily: Happy Birthday! kukki-chan: happy b-day!! :3 Naomi Bear: Happy Bday ! <(^.^)> Huggles ! � Nao vdr-07: HAPPY B-DAY BLUE-CHAN!!! wallpaperotaku: another birthday! Hope it is great! AAKreations: Happy B-day :) : Happy Birthday!! ^_^ Zacman the Damned: Happeh Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! Otomi Babii: "Loving you is cherry pie.." ~Lupe : Congrats on Otaku Legend! zero guardian: CONGRATS on becoming a Otaku Legend! : Thank you for joining my challenge! ^^ vdr-07: Random gift for Blue-chan XP wallpaperotaku: this summer you will dance to a new beat wallpaperotaku: I hope 2010 is a good year for writing! Kitty K.O.: Happy New Year! =3 Have an awesome one! : A strawberry for you! <3 LGA775: Hugs..Im glad you like your drawing^^ kukki-chan: merry christmas blue~ IChiTa: pasta there~ Merry christmas senpai~ ve~ SiSero: MERRY CHRISTMAS SWEETY!! ^ 3 ^ <3 kukki-chan: jappeh holidays :3 nya~ Rae of His Light: Happy Birthday friend! kukki-chan: happy b-day =) AnimeGal816: happy b-day girly!!^^ zero guardian: hApPy BiRtHdAy!~!~! ShadowLight: Happy Birthday, blue! =3 : Here's a cake for being AWESOME! wallpaperotaku: Tsubasa spoilers inside XD Rae of His Light: Here's a snack for when you study! SiSero: THK U 4 yur kind wishes!! ^/////^ <3<3<3 AvariceTears: It's scary how close we are! Ha ha ha. Black Eyes: Just For you.... : a cuppy cake for your awesomness! : ) : Happy Birthday!!! 8D : Your my pocky friend.yum pocky
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