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Palpitations (Lyrics)

"Palpitations" is one of the first songs I will be transfering into guitar chords and hopefully posting on my Youtube channel. I hope it works out.

Written 6/5/12



I'll be alright
Been black and blue before
Not physically, no
But in a nest of self-inflicted gore
I hang my coat to dry
In the summertime it's nice
My skin sees no marks
But when winter comes around
Smiles are not shared
We do not speak
Old wounds begin to fester
But I keep it all on the inside

Smiles are good at that
I’m good at smiling

Blue is for the pain
Black is for stabbing me in the back
With every beautiful word you ever said
But I hold all of it back
Because this is how it’s supposed to feel
And I deserve every quick palpitation
That sends me to my knees
In the summer my skin is free
In the winter I belong to you

What would it take
To make my heart quiet?
I know I could be better
My heart could be stronger
But so could I
I suppose
We can’t have everything
I suppose

So I’ll frolic about
In my summer skin
Pretending smiles are a good compensation
Hoping to cross your mind
Even when your with him

Falling and Standing

Something I felt like I needed to write, especially at this time. Letting something go and forgiving yourself is way harder than I thought it would be... But I'm trying. I'm trying.


"Falling and Standing"
Written 5/20/12

Say that you believe in second chances
Cause if you don't
There's not a chance for me
If everyone deserves a happy ending
Then please give that chance to me
And this time
I'll hold it carefully

There is no cure for past mistakes
No rewind button on your side
But there's a pen and paper right in front of you
And a whole blank page to start over new

Sometimes at night I dream that I'm strong
That love can't hurt this body anymore
But if I fall again it cannot be worse
That believing I can never stand up again

Still I feel so small and useless
A china doll stuffed back upon a shelf
As if the dust is my companionship alone
And a heart of clay turned into crumbling stone

So please give me another chance
a ladder from the height of this dusty shelf
I didn't choose to be alone, but I choose to start again
And I choose to stand up when I fall

There are many pins and needles
under every pretty dress
Behind every face
A crying little girl
She can't take back what's stained her dress
Or dented her fair skin
But she can choose to love again
And she can choose to stand

You're Hurting Me.

I haven't posted many poems here in a long time.

Better say how I feel then, because this is what this world is for.


It hurts when you don't talk to me,
Because there's nothing for you to say to me
It hurts when you say you love me,
I know you're lying to yourself,
Because you'd love anyone
It hurts when you trust somebody,
And they use you to fill an emptiness in themselves
It hurts when you say you miss me,
When really you miss an object to talk to
It hurts when I gave up eveything for you,
And you don't give my side the time of day
It hurts when I'm trying to be the best I can,
And you hate how I love that side of my life,
So I try and hide it from you
It hurts when you whisper how pretty I am to me,
Only to talk down to me when no one is around
It hurts when you don't listen to me
You are not mine, I am yours,
I only say what you want to hear
It hurts the way I want you,
Because I panic when you're not there
It hurts to know I feel so safe around you
Though you like to test my innocence
It hurts when I only want to make you happy,
I can't count how many times I've cried because of you
It hurts when you have so many issues that I cannot solve
I feel helpless and ashamed that I cannot help
It hurts when I have just as many
But you never ask me about them
It hurts to know I love you
Because I can't say it aloud
Is that why you're hurting me?


Why do I let people do this to me?

.:"I Have To.:"

A little poem I wrote after having a very random night of watching "500 Days of Summer" and "Paranormal Activity"... And this came out XD (hope to put some music to it someday~) Enjoy~!

"I Have To"

If I leave you today
Will you swear you'll turn away
Cause demons die but they'll never really
Go away
I’d like for you to see
There is nothing you can do for me
Take what we had and hide it all away
Remember me that way
It’s all you have left of me
All our memories
Innocence morphs to confidence
As I run away
You’re no hero and we both know
You can’t save this
Yes I realize you were everything
I believed in
But if feeling ain’t believing
All these beautiful things
Are only our illusions


The Bittersweet Masterpiece

(This poem is the prolouge of a picture I will show tomarrow and am very proud of. Also, i will be annoucing something AMAZing along with the pic!! :D stay tuned!!)

I know this will not remain forever,
But still i know it's beautiful.
The snow in my eyes,
I worry it will blur the last sight of you.
This light is beautiful,
but I fear it will take me soon from you.
These silver creatures beckon me into the sky,
i know they will lead me someplace safe,
but it will be away from you.
This place is dark and this world is cold,
I could fly away from it and save myself.
But who, my friend, will save you.
My clothes are torn, my heart is bleeding.
I fear I cannot hold on for long.
Maybe it is finally goodbye.
But maybe...
Just maybe...
This is not the end.
"My beautiful little brother, be safe."
These words are my farewell?
Then I will go.
Though we are not truly brothers...
I love you as one.
So farewell... And may one day I see you,
Somewhere far away....

Deep into the stars.

-*By Blue*

This video is an amv of Bambi, but the song goes so well with the characters featured in the poem. It's very sad and the vid is very good. enjoy.

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