Bluesen So You Wanna Be A Master?

....OF POKEMON??!?

*is shot*

I've been obesseing with Pokemon for a long while now, and now here comes some of the fruits of that obsession~

For this challenge, it's pretty simple, it's been done before--but it never gets old! I want you guys to draw you OR an OC as a trainer with thier team of Pokemon!

Easy and awesome. You guys know you wanna show of your teams. ;)


Here are the rules--

1. Of course, fallow theO rules, people! Keep it PG-13 and Under!

2. Colored or not, it doesn't matter! Just show me you or your OC and thier team!

3. NO FAKEMON PLEASE (sorry, I know they're fun to make but let's keep to the originals)

4. You may draw you or your OC in thier trainer attire, and then draw your team on a separate paper--it's all good. Just put a link on the two pages of the other drawing so we can keep trainers and thier teams straight.

5. You MUST have a trainer and a team, pictures that have teams and no trainers or the other way around and not a coupled picture (see above rule) won't be counted :(

6. I encourage multi-generation :D But of course, not required.

7. Teams of six please!

8. Give your six Pokemon personality please! I don't want just standard Nintendo-art-esk Pokemon--make them your own! Whether it's by drawing it or writing down thier personalities and nicknames on the description~

9. As many entries as you want!! GO CRAZY!

(EDIT) 10. Pffft sorry about not adding this earlier--but it might be a good idea to give your Trainer a profile ;) Just general stuff--Name, gender, age, hair color, eye color, height, personalility, hometown, and if you want a background, etc.~

So there you have it!!



1st--Will recieve two full color Pokemon requests

2nd and 3rd--One lineart Pokemon request

And everyone who enters gets a free gift and sub! <3

SO ENTER NOW~ You guys get two months!


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