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Ok this is my second contest but first fan art contest^^. I will try to make it as simple as i can. All you have to do is make me a fan of your favorite character.

Well,we all have favorites and a lot of people don't know about them or their awesomeness which we see in them or why we love them. So for this contest you basically have to show why and which character you love and make others (well me but you get the pointxD) crazy for them also.


1. No limit to submissions (can enter different characters you like).

2. Can be from any anime so go wild.

3. Better if it's a guy but there is no compulsion, it can be a girl.

4. I want kids to be able to see it.

5. If it's a character who i already like don't worry, it won't be an unfair advantage or anything. After all how good it is drawn is what counts most apart making me a fan.

6. No use of photo shop or pad to draw or paint( basically no use of computer to make the art), I want it hand drawn with a pencil or marker or pen etc. I want to see the real talent and hard work done by you to make it look great, not because of any computer program you use.Show me the power of your hands xD.

7. You can try and be original and use a pose or clothes or a hair style you always wanted to see your favorite in (You don't have to if you can't or don't want to.I won't cut any marks for it or anything and don't think it will put you in an disadvantage).

8. Can be coloured or not up to you.Like i said before no use of computer. Colour it with colour pencils,markers,paint etc or just shade it with a pencil.

Example: http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/305993/alucard%2527s_sketch

9. Better if no background so i can see the character and his or her style,features etc clearly.

10. Most importantly you have to mention why you like the character,what part of his or her personality, looks, style, etc (also mention the thing you find funny about them as it can also be a character you like because they make you laugh a lot) you like the best.Do mention which anime the character is from i might want to start watching it after i see the drawing xD.

11 .Try to give a little information about him.I want to know like for example Naruto Uzumaki is a ninja student.When he was very little when his parents died.He doesn't know anything about them. He lives alone and no one takes him seriously. He is hated by many of the villagers and considered a monster by them as he has the nine tail fox inside him. He loves ramen and his goal is to be hokage. He hates Sasuke who is always beating him and gets Sakuras attention. Not a great explanation xD but you get the point. You can put some interesting information about him which could make me start to become his or her fan you think.

12. A link to a picture (can be from Google anywhere) which is coloured so i know how he looks like and how well you drew him.For those who sketch a picture try to give link to the one you did the sketch of but its ok if you give link to another i don't mind.

13. Have fun with it^^.It isn't about if yours gets the 1st place prize your drawing your favorite character and having fun with it and making others go crazy about them.Think of it this way more people for you to go crazy with about how cool the character is xD.

Lol sorry for so many rules^^ i just thought i should clear up everything.Some might think man no computer but some people don't know how to use programs much(like me xD) and it puts them at a disadvantage,also most of the work is done by the computer not you. Anyways try and make me go AH I LOVE THIS CHARACTER xD and go all fan on them hehe.Oh almost forgot it's no problem if you wanna draw guy or girl who wears mask always or never shows the face. Since there are many characters like that so go right ahead if you want to draw them. If you have any question about anything else ask away even if it is as simple as how to submit the art. I will make cards for the winners if i get time^^.

So enjoy, have a blast try to draw the picture you always wanted to but never did. You have 1 month but if anyone thinks that it is less or wants me to move it up sure let me know within a week.Well that covers it up.Good luck to you all!!

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