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Gifts hitori mitsuki: hanawa, you're the best! ello! (; nirvana donut: well, this bunny's made of chocolate! akatsuki15: Yeah, I've been working. And sleeping(: nirvana donut: xoxoxoxoxo Blue Latte: violets are blu, but I don't hve violets ashio: Happy EGG :P LOL XD ashio: Bunny says HIYA!!! :D xx ashio: Mailed ya!! :D nirvana donut: happy new year! Blue Latte: Merry Christmas!! :D NoirAngel: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  ^^ ashio: Your as AWESOME as a banana! :P ashio: Random Bunny says HI! XD ashio: For your next Qudditch match! >.> LOL Xenesis: At least it isn't the London bridge |DD Xenesis: Being derptastic is my specialty! XD ashio: You Lied :O haha! :D ashio: Random random... 8D ashio: Your freakin' AWESOME!! :D ashio: Don't lie!! :O Is that a good thing? o.O ashio: well it is a British show xD ashio: LOL That's the case with me too :D ashio: *hugs back* haha! <3 Xenesis: Then me and derpiness can be cousins XD Xenesis: XD Number 7674556 to hate typos~ ashio: Jung Yunho from DBSK! xD ashio: Season 4 of merlin is out! :D ashio: Yusuke Crawford is not bad ;D ashio: I'm so freakin' missin' u right now! xD Blue Latte: Blimp? This one is cute. Xenesis: Well, here's an Xmas gift back to ya! XD Xenesis: Well, here's an XMans gift back to ya XD Blue Latte: I <3 sushi!! Want a cherry? =D Xenesis: Heeeey XD Just slightly!!! ashio: pm me when you've got time! xx ashio: Try strawberries with choco cake! :D ashio: I did miss you :D *hugs back* ashio: Welcome back buddeh!1 ashio: Have a spook-tastic Halloween! :D Xenesis: Peeps are good for the soul~ :3 Hana Porumita: Just saying hi! :) Blue Latte: Yuup! Do u want a certain gift?? :s akatsuki15: Hey haven't seen you in a while ashio: we need to stop talking about Arthur XD ashio: Prince Arthur is truly the BEST! :D lol ashio: he ain't scrawny :O ashio: I guess that makes us both AWESOME XD ashio: Personally I think Gwaine is HOT!!! :D ashio: then he's all yours :D angelsu: thank you ^^ lol LightFykki: OH NO, it's GANON!!!! 8O ashio: YOU'RE TOTALLY AWESOME :) xxx ashio: u dont have one, he'll be there 4 u too ashio: ...maybe you can have him xD joking ;) ashio: nah, he's way too old for me... LightFykki: Don't forget to take a Hi-potion with yu ashio: For another Prince Arthur fan!!! XD ashio: But Ashio will ALWAYS be there for YOU ashio: You can talk to your little Kitty... ashio: When you're upset... ashio: I bought one for you too ^^ ashio: It worked, it's nice and sunny here xD LightFykki: And after the potion, ulitma weapon! >:D LightFykki: OMG, it's a bomb!! :O Quickly use this.. superstarpanou: Thanks for the sub~~ A cookie for you~~! LightFykki: And a sushi, cause vamps like sushi. xD LightFykki: Oh then you need some of this blood! >:) LightFykki: In my super awesome NOTEBOOK!! XD LightFykki: So you are a vamp? Let me write that.... ashio: one of these on chocolate cake...TASTY! ashio: it hot here, hope its the same there :P LightFykki: You can fly on a broom! :D LightFykki: You just need this!! And then........... ashio: Aw your too kind for sharing ^_^ ashio: A straw for you too xD ashio: for your very own banana milkshake! ashio: v LightFykki: I always think that this is fishing staf LightFykki: Qudditch, nah.. But wiz duels, oh yeah!! LightFykki: You like just some simple cute pandas!^^ LightFykki: Awesome to being random. xD Hm, maybe... LightFykki: a nice and funny surprise. xD LightFykki: Haha no, I don't smoke. But that was.... LightFykki: This one seems to have more sugar. xD LightFykki: Here are some fresh backed cupcakes! :D Blue Latte: u said "changes are refreshing" right? Blue Latte: They're boring :( Blue Latte: sometimes =_=" ashio: A strawberry because they are Tasty :P Blue Latte: Yesh! I want plushies from now on. Hanako Sho: Congrats on promotion! :D     ^__~ : :) : Congratulations on the promotion Hana!!~ Blue Latte: Gimme plushies!! <3 Blue Latte: He's cute... and stupid. Congrats!! Blue Latte: You're right, the unfortunate Squid. kita mikichi: Congrats on earning Otaku Eternal! SolemnSerpent: Congrats on being an Otaku Eternal! :) Blue Latte: Squidward. Muahahaha!! XD ashio: and you get pockystick broomstick xD Blue Latte: But he's so annoying sometimes. Blue Latte: I looooooove it!! <3 da best cartoon eva RayMan87: fine ;P ashio: To add some magic to your snail mails Blue Latte: Coz Tom&Jerry is for kids ashio: A duck is good but a panda is BETTER XD Blue Latte: I loved Tom&Jerry a lot when I was a kid Blue Latte: I loved Tom&Jerry when I was a kid. Blue Latte: So.. you don't like Tom&Jerry? XD ashio: You might hungry writing the letter XD Blue Latte: Then, you like Jerry? ashio: One letter for you xD Blue Latte: Why? He's stupid, but I like him, lol. Blue Latte: Oh, I know that stupid cat XD Blue Latte: Hm..., I'm quite sure XD Who's Tom?? Narumaniac: Jerry loves to throw these things around Narumaniac: Received present box Tom hid in Blue Latte: Special potion for your bleeding eyes XD Narumaniac: Here's a cupcake that Jerry stole XD Blue Latte: When I'm bored, I sleep :3 Narumaniac: This looks like Jerry! Or the bulldog Blue Latte: I think u can just draw sth..or sleep :P Blue Latte: What's wrong? I'll try 2 cheer you up :) Blue Latte: I'm very okay. X3 Blue Latte: Yes, my mom. Idk, that's why I was angry Narumaniac: Then this is moon pie! lol Blue Latte: Well, she didn't allow me to hang out Blue Latte: Congrats, you just got a trophy. eh? Blue Latte: there isn't enough space to write XP Blue Latte: Well, that's not important any more @_@ Blue Latte: Not at you, at my mom.. yesterday. XD Blue Latte: Ya know, I'm so angry right nao!!!! D:< Blue Latte: Glad to hear!!! XD Blue Latte: This is the new one JanetChan: ARIGATO!! hitori mitsuki: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeee!!! xD LMAO hitori mitsuki: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeee!!! xD LMAO Blue Latte: How're U? Blue Latte: To be honest I don't like this rabbit akatsuki15: I don't smoke. Do you? akatsuki15: chocobo? Carbon Frost: yay ur bak  :] Blue Latte: Heeyy! Miss you too <3 JanetChan: Lol, it never it! :) akatsuki15: I've never played lol It's fun? Carbon Frost: oi !! where are u?? akatsuki15: Happy Easter! ecnelisterger: Happy Easter! Hana! Bleachic: Happy Easter to you amica. :3 : Happy Easter! ^_^ Yammi chan: Happy Easter =^___~= Tetsuo334: happy happy easter ^_^ sasuke sarutobi4: Happy Easter! Hope you have a good one! IChiTa: Happy Easter~ ashio: Happy Easter! Blue Latte: Happy Easter!! :D JanetChan: EHTO ISH SHO CUTE! The novel bout..choco akatsuki15: What's with the blue dot on this banana? akatsuki15: It's a toothbrush that paints your teeth JanetChan: Okey! You can start on your novel! ^_^ akatsuki15: Shall we call this one Buddy? XD akatsuki15: Hey it's Babe...from that movie JanetChan: Hee Hee, yesh i am, for the GOOD! *hugs* JanetChan: Your sweet and fiery!! � akatsuki15: cupcakes are better than muffins! akatsuki15: It's a bunny! JanetChan: *blush* No you got it wrong,Your sweeter Bleachic: Grazie amica! A gift for you :3 JanetChan: Cuz your so sweet! *ish hugged*  ^_^ JanetChan: Anything for my Hanawa-chaaan! ^_^ akatsuki15: POCKY!!! akatsuki15: Yupps!! Witch's Broom! NoirAngel: Thank you for the sub ^^ akatsuki15: It's been soooo long *glomp* akatsuki15: I've been good. you? JanetChan: Awww!! YAAYY!! Hmmmmm.....Panda! ^ ^ JanetChan: I wuv them too! Do you like bunnehs? ^ ^ JanetChan: lol, like the gifts im giving you! ^ ^ Knowmad: Happy belated birthday hanawa-chan! :D JanetChan: YESH!! Ahhh, so much birthdays day! ^ ^ Blue Latte: March18 here too, better late than never Blue Latte: Happy St Patrick's day!! JanetChan: Definatly! It must be so hard for them! Sasukes: nuthin but the best for my bestest! Blue Latte: You sent me triple. Blue Latte: I don't care much, anyway XD nirvana donut: hm, i'll enjoy the flowers and sunshine! Blue Latte: I C, I failed my math test, as usual. Blue Latte: err.. away?? Why then? XD Blue Latte: I'm good!! Where have u been?? JanetChan: I've been good, but im sad about japan : Aww!! Still, thankyuu very much!(OwO)/~ nirvana donut: i'm pretty good. :) spring is coming! izsah: I terribly miss you,Hanawa! Luv u friend rosel D: Congrats on Winning the Challenge~ cresendo pianist: it's been so long! here's a souvenir :D nirvana donut: a love potion on valentine's day 2011 JanetChan: Happeh Valentine's Day, Hanawa-chhaaan! Blue Latte: Happy Valentine's day! akatsuki15: Happy Valentine's Day Carolyn dreamer: Happy Valentines Day!! ^-^ KitKatKitty: Happy V. Day! akatsuki15: This panda is too cute to eat akatsuki15: Bananas are healthy too! akatsuki15: Have a dumpling too! ElegantDarkness: I love germany in ace attorney ElegantDarkness: German eh,Hana? ElegantDarkness: Happy Chineses New Year.^_^Animax... akatsuki15: *throws popcorn* Take That!!! ElegantDarkness: Mhmm.I like gift chats. MariaCarlotta: I'm okay. :) thanks for the gift btw. :) akatsuki15: *poked* *hides* *sneaky vampire attack* ElegantDarkness: Ditto you.;) ElegantDarkness: Thanx 4 the gift!U're a good friend,2!:D akatsuki15: retaliation to mega vampire glomp!!! XD nirvana donut: you ARE silly! ElegantDarkness: This is for you since ur a great artist. Gravity4Ever: Hanawa-san!!!I missed you!*hugs* Rosie Chan: It has been long. Thx for the present!:D akatsuki15: *vampire hugs* ReiKiba: I give you a box of 'em! xD Blue Latte: Hoho! keep sending gifts, if u want XD ReiKiba: Yep! Cherries for ya too! ;D ReiKiba: Sankyuu! Have some fruits too! ReiKiba: LOL then I substitute it with sushi xD ReiKiba: Aww..then stay healthy and happy ok? :D ReiKiba: Aww, do have some free time for yourself Kyubi Elric: PM me, then. ReiKiba: Nah~ I'm okay xD how are you?? Blue Latte: Cupcake is the cutest gift <3 Blue Latte: Go with cupcake, I'm collecting them XD Blue Latte: Hope so, but school is a torture!!! DX ReiKiba: Lots of dramas~read it in my post later ReiKiba: That's untrue~ ;D ReiKiba: Aww, you are so sweet~! <3 Kyubi Elric: I'm on chat a lot if you wanna talk. Carbon Frost: thanks for the support!! :] imouto chan: *hugs back* I hope you are doing well :) Blue Latte: Gime cupcake next time!! Blue Latte: School's killing me XD ReiKiba: Ah, u don't have to, but good luck!! xD ReiKiba: Reply wallie?? Kitty K.O.: I like that there's a lot of them! XD Kitty K.O.: Lol... we're using up so many gifts XD;; Kitty K.O.: And this is Spongebob in cement! XD Kitty K.O.: But the dog is Butch XD Lol Kitty K.O.: But that's a cat and Tom's the cat XD; Kitty K.O.: Not the mouse?! D=> Kitty K.O.: Ya learn somethin new every day *bricks* Kitty K.O.: My spelling hits the mark every time XD Kitty K.O.: Escapes with Ease... L XD Kitty K.O.: ... *is dead* =x__x;= Kitty K.O.: B-but... I don't smoke =;A;= Kitty K.O.: Elmo cannot save you from theO! >XD Kitty K.O.: =OAO;= *shock and pies you in the face* Kitty K.O.: Is it Grimmjow? XD Kitty K.O.: A pocky a day keeps otaku happeh! XD Kitty K.O.: LMAO! XD Fine, then Random Spam Sushi XD ecnelisterger: All the best for 2011~ :D Carbon Frost: happy nu year!! :] Carolyn dreamer: Happy New Year ^-^ ashio: All the Best for 2011 Carbon Frost: merry christmas!! :] IChiTa: Merry Christmas and Happy New year~ envythejealous: Happy Holidays!!! FrozenFlameHearts: Happy Holidays! :D Enjoy While U Can xDD ReiKiba: Happy New Year!!! :D *can't wait-ish* MariaCarlotta: Happy Holidays! :D Carolyn dreamer: Happy Birthday ^-^ ecnelisterger: Happy Birthday! ecnelisterger: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Carbon Frost: nu i curse u wit theO spell. u'll be bak Carbon Frost: OMG russia sushi FTW XD.......... Carbon Frost: how do u say dude in female form ?_? !! Carbon Frost: a pocky for yah :D Sasukes: Even vampires love pocky...hehe Carbon Frost: a very happy day to u !! :D Carbon Frost: a cup kake fo u!! :3 Carbon Frost: look a brown elephant elephant!! XD Carbon Frost: yay gift spam time XD Carbon Frost: mickey/panda attack!! Carbon Frost: p for pie!!! Carbon Frost: icecream in winter is the best!! Carbon Frost: ZOMG a panda mickey !!! XDDDD Carbon Frost: i know u like gifts too!!! :D Carbon Frost: its a dog, i thought it was a mouse!! XD Carbon Frost: keep doing the gr8 art work!! Carbon Frost: and that was not a pickup line !!! XD Carbon Frost: oh look brick turned into a flower!!! Carbon Frost: brick attack!!!! Blue Latte: You're so sweet <3 ecnelisterger: XD You can't say no to Panda~ Carbon Frost: a panda molester!! O.O Carbon Frost: cuukie attack !! XD Carbon Frost: keep upp the good work!! Carbon Frost: try a different flavor!! Carbon Frost: here have some pocky!! :] Carbon Frost: buu O.O!!! did i scare ya?? :3 Carbon Frost: ZOMG a spam gift/brick XD Carbon Frost: oink.....oink....oink??...oink!! Carbon Frost: what is a pocky ?_? Carbon Frost: icecream tastes better in cold weather! Carbon Frost: :3 here take the half !! nom nom Carbon Frost: i dont even have to say anything!!!XD izsah: Do hug this too for my long absence,haha Carbon Frost: dont forget to color kida !!! :D Carbon Frost: note: this is a pickup line........!! XD Carbon Frost: have this after exercise!! :p Carbon Frost: u have to exercise XD Carbon Frost: now do some exercise !! :] Carbon Frost: weee.. u got a cookie XDDDDDDDD ecnelisterger: *dance around* Heyho Hana!! Carbon Frost: heres a mystery hat !! :D Carbon Frost: i aint that smart u know it was reflex D Carbon Frost: ..thats how unthinkable is thinkable! :D Carbon Frost: i cant think of writing a thesis here... Carbon Frost: ofcourse ppl go for the unthinkable!! XD Carbon Frost: thesis ?? Carbon Frost: characters to write XD Carbon Frost: and its interesting coz u get limited Carbon Frost: lol no its start of our conversation xD Carbon Frost: XDDXDD ... hmph... soo hi!! XD Carbon Frost: btw thanks for the dedication!!1 :3 Carbon Frost: we shuld exchange gifts more often XDDD Carbon Frost: i DO... its cool. 12252009 per month! XD ReiKiba: Of course xD A rose for a luvly lady ;D Carbon Frost: well we're having gift talk!! XD ReiKiba: Here's some miao miao~ xD Carbon Frost: ur online ?? XD ReiKiba: lol I'm full, so here's a cookie xD ReiKiba: Ty ty! Here, a cupcake for you!  xD Carbon Frost: where are u?!?! ....... ReiKiba: LOL yes! <3 ReiKiba: OMG It's been a while! xD TY Sasukes: A precious rose for a precious friend... Carbon Frost: Happy Halloween!! :3 ReiKiba: Happy Halloween~!!! xD ecnelisterger: Happy Halloween!!! XD MariaCarlotta: Happy Halloween! :D izsah: Happy Halloween! ^o^ MariaCarlotta: hahaha... Then here's a broom 4 u. :D MariaCarlotta: Just thought of giving you a gift. ^^ ReiKiba: ty! yay! *hugs* this cupcake is lucky xD MariaCarlotta: Well, thanks again! ;D MariaCarlotta: I can't think of anything 2 say... Hmm.. MariaCarlotta: A panda for being my friend. ^_^ MariaCarlotta: A dog 4 the time u spend on replying. :D MariaCarlotta: A cat for saying thanks. :) MariaCarlotta: A cat for saying thanks. :) MariaCarlotta: Here's the first of those many gifts! ^^ Hana Porumita: thanks for photoshop! it works great! ^^ MariaCarlotta: Cute animals for an amzing friend! :D MariaCarlotta: Cute animals for an amzing friend! :D MariaCarlotta: Cute animals for an amzing friend! :D MariaCarlotta: Cute animals for an amzing friend! :D MariaCarlotta: c MariaCarlotta: Cute animals for an amzing friend! :D MariaCarlotta: Cute animals for an amzing friend! :D MariaCarlotta: Cute animals for an amzing friend! :D MariaCarlotta: Just thought of giving you a panda. :D MariaCarlotta: Just thought of giving you a panda. :D MariaCarlotta: Just thought of giving you a panda. :D MariaCarlotta: Just thought of giving you a panda. :D MariaCarlotta: Just thought of giving you a panda. :D MariaCarlotta: Just thought of giving you a panda. :D imouto chan: Thanks for being so nice to me! :) Carbon Frost: grats on becmoig O legend..:D.. MoonLight Pearl: You are an Otaku legend now! Congrats!^^ Gravity4Ever: Thnx!you are an otaku legend!Congrats!^^ kita mikichi: Congrats on your Member Promotion! akatsuki15: A book for a fellow bookworm ecnelisterger: Congrats!!! Ur an Otaku Legend now!!!!:D CreamyTea: Hanawa-chan has mega talent!~~~ *envy* MariaCarlotta: Heres a pocky it's for typing it again:) Sakaira: Thanks 4 Participating in KH Randomness! MariaCarlotta: No. I didn't receive it... T_T MariaCarlotta: I really miss your PMs hanawa-san... :( MariaCarlotta: for you who's much sweeter than me. :D ecnelisterger: SENPAI with double '+'!!!!!! MariaCarlotta: a gift for you! :D Carbon Frost: coz ur a really sweet person =P MoonLight Pearl: not as sweet as you^^ *smiles* akatsuki15: Thank you so much for the gift! Narumaniac: just so you can practice :) MariaCarlotta: Just wanna say thnak you! :D oturan ikamuzu: Thank you for the gift! <:D : your an amazing at drawing!!! nikuro: consolation prize.THX for joiningXD ecnelisterger: hehehe...urm...what promotion? KrondorianV: thanx, didn't even realize *gifts back* RimaUmiToya: Thank you for the bunny gift! ^^ Sasukes: Have's a cookie, feels bettah... : u r a great artist! Hanaro Souhi: ^_^ Thank you 4 being so lovely! X3 Sasukes: Red is good colour, no? Hana Porumita: Thanks for everything, you've shown me! izsah: Thanks for ur time always! Sasukes: I give gift to you^^ MariaCarlotta: Just want to say thanks! :) RayMan87: Ty for your lovely comments ;D KitsuneAlgeri: Thank you for helping me out MariaCarlotta: A gift for a great friend like you. :) MariaCarlotta: A gift for a great friend like you. :) Jokan: It's a cookie! kucingkepanasan: enjoy! ^^ kucingkepanasan: enjoy! ^^ Rosie Chan: Happy Easter! Injoy your cherry! hitori mitsuki: hanawa-chan!!! ^^ Gravity4Ever: You are a great artist <3 : Love your artworks!!! Kyubi Elric: Even vampires like PIE X3 Gravity4Ever: Hope you like srawberry pocky ^w^ LGA775: Happy Vday..Hugs..You rock..!!^^ LGA775: Hugs.Im glad u like da drawing i made u. KitKatKitty: Congrats on the promotion!
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