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Gifts itsumademo: happeh happeh BIRFDAH!! o 3o ...has pie X MAGE X: Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one :D TwinkLes: Have a lovely birthday <3 Ikemarth: Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day! -^u^- bellpickle: Happy birthday, dear! :D metalb2: Happy Birthday x : Happy Birthday~!!! LightFykki: Happy birthday! ^__^ 15385bic: happy birthday 2012! XD : Ze Easter Bunny's here to Glomp ya!! >=3 Blue Latte: Happy Easter!!! Morbid Dollie: Happy Easter!!!! Support KIRA: For being a winner in: Nighttime Fancy~ Kami-chan.x3: Happy Saint Patrick's!! :D Hanako Sho: Happy Valentine's to you <3 Blue Latte: Happy Valentine's day Vivianlove: Happy New Year!!! Murder Princess: thx for the nice wall! :D Blue Latte: Merry Christmas!! X3 noirassasin: merry holidays and a happy new year too Yours Truly: Happy Hoildays to you my dear! Morbid Dollie: Merry Christmas, SakuraDust!!! : Merry Christmas! ^_^ sweetdevil: Sarbatori fericite! :D Ritona: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! BabyD: Merry Christmas!! Thiefspawn: my pleasure ^___^ : Thank u! This is for you! KaiserinNacht: ^^ AiDanoKoiDano: thnx for the gift!! : Congrats on third place! Hanako Sho: Happy Halloween! >:D Felcie: Happy Halloween~!! : Have a fres- to-death halloween~ <3 Timcanpy14: Happy Halloween~ ^^ Ritona: BOO! Happy Halloween, Dusty! Kaerlyn: I hope you had a super birthday! :3 Tayeta: Happy belated Birthday! ^_^ beloved blood: Yo! Happy Birthday<3!!! Vivianlove: Love for October <3 icebox270534: Happy birthday, dear! *hug* DixieWings: Happy belated birthday! o3o <33 Knowmad: :] Knowmad: What u dressing up as?*_*Give me candy? Knowmad: Dress up give candy holiday? Knowmad: Happy Birthday! Shake that booty! :] Knowmad: ¡Feliz Cumpleños Fresita! :D : Happy Belated Birthday samird: Happy B'day my friend Ritona: Happy birthday, Dusty! PandoraxHearts: Happy B-Day! Hope you have a great day! noirassasin: Hey beautiful! Happy birthday! <3 Hanaro Souhi: Happy Birthday!~ =^_^= *hugs* AutumnFalls: Happy Birthday ^_^ itsumademo: haphaphappy biiirthday! *confetti* :3 Tokyo iris: Happy birthday~ reichiinya: Hope you enjoy your birthday pocky! AIloveAkuma: Happy Birthday!!! :D DistantStar: HAPPY HAPPY BRITHDAY GURL! XD BabyD: Happy Birthday!!! ^__^ X MAGE X: Happy Birthday :D soldierofthedark: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope its awesome :) XkeyofdestinyX: Happy Birthday!! bellpickle: Happy birthday! :) sweetdevil: La multin ani!! *hugs* U get pie lol 8D Minnano Kimochi: happy birthda! : Happy Birthday! ^_^ Angel Zakuro: Happy b-day!! :) Dark Flame 3479: Happy Birthday! :D Box of Cherries: Happy Birthday!May the Lord bless you!<3 ReiKiba: Happy Birthday n have a nice day! :D SunfallE: Congrats on another trip around the sun! Saerily: Happy Birthday! : Happy Birthday!! :D Clyne Lacus: Happy birthday! :D Carina1301: Heyo happy birthday :) 15385bic: happy birthday =D !!! 2011 Immortal Queen: Happy Birthday!!! Kami-chan.x3: RAMEN DAY! ~ *throws noodles in the air* Vivianlove: Have a nice day!! trailmixy: and Cup Cakes XD trailmixy: Winners get Cookies :D Vivianlove: U,a great artist needs more energy!!! :D Vivianlove: For your wonderful comments <3 Vivianlove: Thnx for ur awesome advice *hugs* Natsu nii: thanx 4 being one of the 1st 100! TTwTT X MAGE X: Thanks for the sub :D Shineska: :3 winterlionheart: want a cookie? scoodi: Happy Easter, Sakura! :D winterlionheart: Happy Easter KAI L: Happy Easter! :D mike2319: Happy Easter! Have some chocolate :D mike2319: Happy Easter! Have some chocolate :D MFran: Bunny for Ori-chan <3 SaiKat: Happy Easter! :3 diamond9393anda: Happy Easter ^^ Timcanpy14: Happy Easter~ Ritona: Happy Easter, Dusty! Blue Latte: Happy Easter!! ecnelisterger: Happy Easter!!!! Morbid Dollie: Happy Easter x3 Morbid Dollie: Enjoy the chocolate x3 winterlionheart: thanks for the help you given me Sumiire: thx for the subby XD here's ur cookie :3 diamond9393anda: Thank you for the bday card :) ! winterlionheart: Thank you Senpia ^-^ Dark Flame 3479: Thanks for all the amazing feedback :D winterlionheart: I love all of your works so much! ^-^ Morbid Dollie: And super inspiring! <33~ Morbid Dollie: Thank you for being awesome! <3~ Blue Latte: Happy St Patrick's day!! Domine Kuro: Thanks for the words they mean a lot winterlionheart: for being a amazing artist and person ^^ : 4 helping me break my wallie block =D Morbid Dollie: To extra epicness! <33~ : I'm totally original for sending this 8D Blue Latte: Happy Valentine's day! Ritona: Not like this is a Vday gift or anything Morbid Dollie: But you did a great job anyways! Morbid Dollie: Sorry it's not much >w< Morbid Dollie: Your prize is three gifts! :3 Morbid Dollie: Congrats on making 3rd runner-up! X3 winterlionheart: this is for your epicness ^0^ sweetdevil: Hey! Multumesc pentru participare! :D : This is the lucky new year BANANA~<3 Xiu: Happy New Year Year ! rosel D: Have a Happy and Wondrous New Year! ecnelisterger: All the best for 2011~ :D 1dev13: Your works are awe-inspiring! <3 Yammi chan: Happy 2011 ^___^ OniiBabba: Happy New Year!! ~ Xiu: merry christmas !! Support KIRA: Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! <3 15385bic: happy belated xmas happy early new yrs Hanaro Souhi: Happy Holidays!> w < *hugs* Have fun!~ Murder Princess: merry christmas ;) SolemnSerpent: I hope this Christmas is great for you! Knowmad: Merry Christmas Saku! Take care. 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Timcanpy14: Happy Halloween! ^^ OniiBabba: Pump-Pump-Kin Pumpkin ~ Happy Halloween! ecnelisterger: Happy Halloween!! :D Tsukihana Amame: Nuu~~ XD So cool!!! Tsukihana Amame: I don't have such gift!!!!.X3 Tsukihana Amame: ;_; Will you accept my strawberry love? rosel D: tnx 4 liking m'gallery~nice 2 meet u ^_^ rosel D: thanks for liking me gallery! trailmixy: You guessed Right XD : Cookies for the winner of my challenge~ : Cookies for the winner of my challenge~ : Cookies for the winner of my challenge~ : Cookies for the winner of my challenge~ : Hope u enjoyed ur very Belated B-day <3 : A lovely rose for a lovely lady~ Ilovebadboys: Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!~^-^ Kaerlyn: Hope you had a special day ^^ TokyoHaru: Its too late but Happy B-day XD!!! I love Candy XD: Happy birthday :) , sorry I'm late 15385bic: happy bday XD!!!! ur officially OLDER ;P SolemnSerpent: Happy Belated B-Day; hope it was great! krokun: happy belated bday!!! hugs KuroYUKIrou: Wisdom hat for your BDay! 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Hanaro Souhi: Thanks for be a sweet friend!=^_^=*hugs* Izukorai: congratulations  c: belletoile: Congrats on first place!! scoodi: Congrats on Featured Fandom. x3 Knowmad: Jk here is ur berry. w/sum sugar4dipping Knowmad: Whoops. These r better anyway. :D SpiffySporkPerson: For making delicious wallpapers! stinamuffin: congrats on another feature! :D Blue Latte: Add to your collection XD Felcie: Congratulaaaaations <3 : so yeah like totally wat 15385bic: for the sake of fangirlism :P kiksama: you're winner!!! 1dev13: For being so kind! ^-^ : Something for your hard work! hanawa: Congrats, you're now an Otakuite++! : Have a HAPPY HOLIDAYS ~<3 liveeverysecond: Congrats! sorry im late with ur gift ^_^ noirassasin: For ur great art u deserve an ice cream samird: thnx for the support Knowmad: Takes skill to be featured twice! ^_^ Kiba051095: Thanks for joining my challenge! reirei18 : <3 Sakuse: Congrats :D Thank you for joining :D Puppet Mistress: HAPPY EARTH DAY! : You won 1st place in my SSS challenge! : Cause you can never have to many XD : Happy Easter! =P xixisuoh: just because! ^.^ : Happy St. Patrick�s  Day! ^_^ : You are in my fail meme :D TiffYG2133: !st place in my challenge - CONGRATS! Knowmad: SoManyCommentsInSoLittleTime!Cngrts&Thx! Ritona: Happy Valentine's Day! : Happy Valentines Day! ^_^ KitKatKitty: Congrats on the promotion! DixieWings: Kuroshitsuji rocks! >D Knowmad: Berserk fans deserve a gift just cause! krokun: thanks for subscribing!! hugs Clyne Lacus: A one-of-a-kind vector waller at theO~ � Quiet Noise: Happy New Year!! ^____^ Succes in 2010!
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