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Let's say that one day you're happily riding the bus/tram/whatever and listening to the radio, mentally humming along to the tune. Then, all of a sudden, you hear something. Something terrible. Something that you wouldn't force onto your worst enemy. You feel the rage building up and the need to scream it all out. Suddenly, you remember you are surrounded by people who would stare awkwardly at you if you did so, maybe even call the police.

What is the source of this outrageous rage? What could possibly be so horrible, so despicable, so utterly vile that your sanity itself would be brought on the brink of collapsing?

An earworm.

What are earworms? They're songs that, once heard, get stuck in your head for days on end. You don't even have to like them, they'll just stick with you like parasites. And this is exactly the theme of this challenge! Your task is to make a card that illustrates that earworm. Pour out that frustration! You can use lyrics or just an image that illustrates what you feel like when listening to it - of course, you'll have to explain how it relates to you and/or what it reminds you of.

Examples of earworms (listen at your own risk): one | deux | trei | cuatro | five | six

- Your entry must be of high quality. Is this even necessary to mention? No unmodified screenshots, show some effort here.
- Again, you don't have to like the illustrated song, but it must be an earworm to you.
- List your resources. Credit their creators.
- Write a proper description.
- You may enter only once, so make it count.
- You may replace your entry, but only until the challenge deadline.
- You can use any series you like, be it anime or real-life.
- You must link to your earworm of choice.
- Yaoi and yuri are allowed and encouraged.
Of course, all TheO rules apply.

You don't get any bonus points for choosing one of my favorite series or emulating the style of an artist whose work I like. I believe everyone should have a fair chance, which is why you get only one chance to enter and no favoritism. Also, I'd like to state that I don't comment on the entries themselves, but will post the detailed judging process of every card when the challenge is over C: However, all entries will get thumbs up.

1st place: 10 icons of whatever you want + 1 gift.
2nd place: 7 icons of whatever you want + 1 gift.
3rd place: 4 icons of whatever you want + 1 gift.
Obviously, everyone gets a medal automatically and a virtual handshake/pat on the back.
Please, no animated icons since I don't make good ones. Trust me on this.

This time I'm going to make the challenge last longer, hopefully more people will want to participate :3

P.S. I sent out invites to those who might be interested by this challenge. You don't have to participate if you don't want to, I just wanted to get the word out c:

Important edit Hey everyone! Sorry about the lack of judging, you can find more detailed info in this post. Here are the winners!
First Place: Asuha612
Second Place: Angel Zakuro
Third Place: icebox270534
Special Mentions: SakuraDust, Cleavers4Kids, RainMist, MFran, Ritona Raito
Because there are so many awesome entries, I've decided to award special mentions as well, which are made up of two icons each! Make sure to contact me about your prize!

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