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Interested in having your art appear on the front page of If so then don’t miss out on our News Fan Art contest.

Now I’m sure you’ve all noticed that all news items have an image or a fan art representing the article in question. Site updates have the default image of Spikey kun where the rest have fan art chosen by the person submitting the news.

So the winner of this contest will have their own design show up for all site updates that are posted. Here is how it will work.

All entries must have the little hat on the O found in the header. Here are some examples so you can see what we’re talking about.

Example one
Example two

Another example is this avatar that the member ShadowLight is using. It’s one they designed themselves using the little hat from the banner.

Since this will end up being resized to fit it’s recommended that you choose a format that won’t require trimming the image so it will fit. For example 400 x 400 Big enough to fit in the fan art section and yet still be easy to resize.

You’re free to design whatever image you’d like and original characters are welcome. Different colors are allowed but make sure they don’t clash with our site colors. The only restriction is you cannot use someone else’s art without their permission.

Once you have your art done simply submit it with the tags theotaku & news art contest. We look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

If there are questions simply comment here.

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