littlepooch Usernameness~!

For this challenge you have to just tell me how you thought of your username! ^^ (BLA! DX screen name whatever! XDDD)


  • You will only win by default if your entry is this "I don't know, I just liked it" -_-' Please give me a actual reason!
  • It can be long or short, I don't care :3
  • I don't mind cursing, but why would you need to? o-0'
  • If it has something to do that will spoil the end of a anime/manga/etc can you say at the top of your post so people don't get mad if something is spoiled?
  • Please use your username from theO! If you don't know how you came up with your O username then you can use some other name from some where else.
  • If you want to you can tell about nicknames you've gotten from here.

If you win...
1-3 requests
2-2 requests
3-1 request

Look at my portfolio to get a idea if you do win. I will also PM the winners asking for their request You will have two months ta do the challenge! That should be enough XD

DX For new(er) members(or members who have never entered fan word challenges) For this challenge you should NOT click the box saying submit this as a fan word! *bows* I'm really sorry! This isn't actually a fiction, nor long enough to be a feature(or what ever you entered it as)...Think of this more as just a typing challenge :3

Also for new(er) members(or members who have never entered a fan word challenge) to enter this challenge instead of freakin out and PMing me(although of course I don't mind talking ta people XD) you scroll down to the end of this page, and at the bottom it will tell you number of comments, when it ends, number of entries, and then a clicky thing that says submit(or enter...I forget) you click that and it will take you to the normal post page and you just submit it that way. ^^ Hope that helps for confused members~!

>w<U Also since obviously this is my challenge I though I should tell how I got my username...Later XD I will post a link later....

Have fun~!

Love YaZ~!

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Origin of my user name ^-^ ~VWBSZWAS
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