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Today the 8th and final Harry Potter film was released and in celebration (and eternal lament) of this event, I've decided to create my first challenge.

I'll keep it somewhat easy; for this challenge you only have to do two things:

  • Create a Harry Potter themed card.

  • And in your description, make a small paragraph explaining he impact that Harry Potter has had on you these past 10 years, or one of your fondest experiences related to HP.

The creativeness, originality, and quality of your submission is what will determine the winners, but technical quality can still be thwarted by creativity/originality, so even if you're not (magical?) with your designs, a lot of thought put into the right submission can go a long way.


  • Any type of genre for the cards are permitted
  • Yaoi and Yuri us permitted as well (trust me, scans for this exist)
  • Properly link your resources, and credit any quotes/songs you utilize
  • You do not have to dedicate your entry to me
  • Unlimited entries for each person


  • First Place - One wallpaper request, Two card requests, and four avatar requests
  • Second Place - Two card requests, four avatar requests
  • Third Place - Four avatar requests

Edit: Participants who did not win, get one avatar request each. :)

Most likely, the nostalgia of HP + your cards will most likely reduce me to a pile of tears. So I'll get my tear-bucket and wish you all the best with your submissions!

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