Dyuu White Haired

This is my second wallpaper challenge!

My close friend said that she loves white haired boy characters. N to think about that … me too!.
N in this challenge, all of u only have to make a wallpaper with white haired character on it. Remember, just the white haired one. But, u can put more than one character on the wallpaper as long as his/her hair is white. (not just for boys character, u can make the girls too if u want). It can be from any anime or games. Up to u.

Rules :
- It must be ur own work.
- Tell me the site where do u found the main picture that u used for the wallpaper. (But it’s okay if u forgot where d u find the picture. I sometime forget them too.)
- Please tell me how u made them. (at least u can just tell me what program n brushes d u use (if u remember the names of course) )
- U can submit as many as u want.

Prize :
Beside medals, u’ll have :
1st : 3 wallpapers & 2 cards
2nd : 2 wallpapers & 1 card
3rd : 1 wallpaper

I’ll be judging fairly, especially from ur creativities n the wallpaper (high) qualities.

Have fun n have a nice day!

Editted :

Argh! I wish I can chose 6 winners!!!

Thanks a lot for ur participation, guys!

About why I chose those three as the winner for my challenge, that bcoz :
1. Rogue Elemental by Samird
Bcoz this one is the most creative wallpaper in this challenge. From the base he draw it himself and add some effects on it. The sizes also awesome!. (I told u before, right? If I’ll chose especially by creativity n the wallpaper high quality)
2. Gintoki’s pet puzzle by Izsah
The second of the most creative wallp in this challenge. The idea is great. She made the main pict into puzzle. Even on the wide screen version it looks kinda stretched, but somehow it still looks nice (which normally would looks bad). The highest size also looks great! (Even in some part the pieces aren’t looks really neat, but it still looks great. The creativity gave a very high point!)
3. Light Star Fly! By Starwing12
Actually, I was confused to chose between Starwing’s or SakuraDust’s here. I wanna chose SakuraDust’s wallp bcoz the quality is so great! But, then … Starwing’s wallp, even the quality isn’t so high, but it looks really pretty with the effects (brushes) she/he used. N the main factor why I chose Starwing’s wallp here bcoz the main picture of her/his wallp is rather difficult to rendered(vectored)! But She/He still did it n the result is nice!

Yup! These r what I think. Once again, thanks a lot for ur participation, friends! I hope u all didn’t mad at me, n still want to join my next challenge (If I make it).

Thanks! (*bows*)

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Rogue Elemental ~samird
Gintoki's Pet Puzzle ~izsah
Light Star Fly! ~starwing12
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