Angel Zakuro the sky's the limit.

Although there is always something beyond the sky, for the sake of this challenge, let's just say it stops there.

For this challenge [you get two months to work on your submissions, yay!], the card has to have something to do with the SKY. Yes, simple. It could just be that the scan/image you use has the sky in it. Or maybe your quote deals with the vast expanse above. Either is fine, but like my last challenge, this is an INSPIRATIONAL CARD CHALLENGE. So that means no cards that have a character on it, looking at the sky saying, "OMG. Look at the sky." That gives me NO inspiration whatsoever.

I'll be judging the cards based on creativity, adherence to the rules (basically there are only 2!), and quality. And by quality, I mean that you spent some time on it. Even if you don't have photoshop, you can make a darn good card with lots of thought put into it. I can tell. :) Yup, so this should be fun and easy, right? It has to be inspirational and relates to the sky in some way (either the quote or the picture).

Submission limit is 3. P.S. Don't use the quote "the sky's the limit"!! Lol. XD

edit: Some confusion about this. Yes, anime/manga/game characters, of course, are allowed in these cards! It doesn't just have to be a picture of the sky. :) Just as long as the card has something to do with the sky (the quote, somewhere in the picture), then it's good.

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Never look back ~vksan
My Rain equals My Rainbow. ~innocent heart
Star in the SKY ~Blue Latte
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