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Gifts rainydayal: Happy Birthday!!! =^.^= ReiKiba: Happy belated birthday! >w< : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ^^ Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) Mr Sword: ~Happy Birthday~ Viollet: Happy Birthday!! ^___^ Kaerlyn: I hope you had a lovely birthday! :3 Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Haxelo-chan!! TamaDoodles24: Hapi B-day! Heres a cookie, uve earnd it Dragoncia: Happy Birthday! :D AriaFlosh: happy birthday ^_^ !!! Blue Latte: Happy Birthday!! *hugs* C= Kami-chan.x3: Hope you have a special X-mas! <3 *hugs* 15385bic: Merry mas x) : Happy Pocky Day~ XD rainydayal: Happy Birthday!!! =^.^= DoNotCare: mmm tasty brick itemilicious: here's a papaya for u <3 it's not a pie kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! Hanako Sho: Happy (belated) Birthday! :3 gdaneqa: happy birthday~ :) Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday!! Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) CharlesGAMEsbirro: Happy Birthday!! :) ItachiSasuke: Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one :D : happy bday! i hope ur having a blast! Kami-chan.x3: Happy Birthday! *hugs* :D :D :D : Happy Birthday!! >33< 15385bic: happy birthday 2012!!! superstarpanou: Happy Valentine's Day to you, Nica-chan! : Spreading the NY cookie of happiness! XD Kami-chan.x3: RAMEN DAY! ~ *throws noodles in the air* rainydayal: Happy Birthday!!! =^.^= : Gift for staying one of my subbers! ^_^ ecnelisterger: Belated Birthday~:D gdaneqa: happy bithday! Kaerlyn: hope you had a lovely birthday~! 2otaku2: Happy Happy Birthay to You! : HAPPYBELATEDBIRTHDAY! <3 Paulini: Happy birthday! =D reichiinya: Hope you enjoy your birthday pocky! : Happy Birthday ^^ AnnaKanda: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! X3 Blysse: Happy birthday! Love Canada <3 TwinkLes: Happy Birthday~! greenLeAfe: Happy Bday, Love Japan<3 : Happy Birthday!! Have a Nice one! ^_^ LoveKouichi: Happy day of birth! XD kamichama karin s: happy birthday nyaa~b-day kitty! :3 Blue Latte: Happy b'day! hope u have a great one <3 ItachiSasuke: Happy Birthday! Hope its a good one ^_^ blackBat: Happy B-Day superstarpanou: Happy, happy Birthday to you~~ ^o^ Whoo! : happy birthday!  have a wonderful time! Sakaira: happy birthday :D vdr-07: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D soldierofthedark: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope it's awesome!! sasusaku 4ever: Happy Birthday :) Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday!!! XD ReiKiba: Happy Birthday n have a nice day! : happy bday!~<3 Carina1301: happy birthday! :) Felcie: Happy Birthday !! x) TomaKuchiki: Happy Birthday!!! 15385bic: happy birthday =D rosel D: Happy Birthday! Best Wishes~! rosel D: Happy Birthday! Best Wishes~! krizomet: thanks for the b-day greeting! X3 ecnelisterger: Happy Easter! : Happy Easter! IChiTa: Happy Easter~ : happy easter!!! :3 Morbid Dollie: Enjoy the chocolate~~ Morbid Dollie: Happy Easter! rosel D: You make a good collab team~ rosel D: Happy Valentines~ <3 Blue Latte: Happy Valentine's day! Ritona: Happy Valentine's Day! : happy hearts day!! :D ecnelisterger: Congrats for the promotion! :D rosel D: Congrats on your promotion~ *smiles* belletoile: Happy Birthday to Prussia!! : This is the lucky new year BANANA~<3 infinatelove42: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! ^^ aizome: [belated] Happy New Year! >w< : happy new year!!! :D TheDarkAngel: Happy New Years~! : Happy New Year!! ^^ rosel D: Have a Happy and Wondrous New Year! Blue Latte: Have a great new year!! Carbon Frost: happy nu year!! :] Yammi chan: Happy 2011 ^___^ ecnelisterger: All the best for 2011~ :D ecnelisterger: Artwork-another way of keeping a diary. paladin313: And a happy new year in return! CDCDCD89: Merry Christmas! : thanx!!<3& happy new year;) itemilicious: i stole this from Fransey... = � =)/ itemilicious: fusosososo~ MERRY CHRISTMAS DUDE~ : Dark Flame 3479: Merry Christmas to you as well. C: : =3 infinatelove42: Merry Christmas too!!! *huggles back* littlepooch: Merry Christmas! <3 =D AAKreations: One For U. Merry Late Christmas~! c': lucy oO: Happy, happy holidays ! (: AJV7: Merry X-mas to you too! *glomps* <3 : Merry Christmas and all the best! <33 Paulini: Merry X'mas to you too! ^^ FrozenRoze: Thank you and happy Christmas ^^ magicbut3rfly: Merry Christmas ~~ <3 2otaku2: MERRY CHRISTMAS! : Happy Holidays ^_^ RSRKingdomStars: merry x-mas! ily! :D *super hugs* : MERRRY CHRISTMAS, NICA <3 15385bic: happy belated xmas happy early new yrs TheDarkAngel: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays~!!! nekoluver4ever: MERRY MERRY CHRISTMASS! aminesick: Merry Xmas to you! =) TiffYG2133: Happy Holidays! (^_^) xXxShiaxXx: Merry Christmas!~<3 VivaLaParadise: thx so much! have an awesome christmas! Mr Sword: Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas~! josephine12cute: Merry Xmas & Happy New Year :)) Erie Machista: Merry Christmas!!! <3 <3 X3 MashMadness: Merry Christmas! kilalalover: *glomp* Merry Christmas to you too! X3 Spectrum Diamond: Merry Christmas~!!! reirei18 : maligayang pasko den....~~<3 swizzledhazelnut: Merry Christmas : merryxmas to u 2 :) : merryxmas to u 2 :) KaizerG1: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :) Blysse: Merry Christmas :D yamiyugi4ever: Merry Christmas! AngelBest Dream: merry xmas ally! Hanaro Souhi: Thank you!!~ Merry Christmas too!XD : *hugs* Merry Christmas to you too ^o^ Neko Nana Mode: Neko X-mas Mode Have a Quanzatic Holiday fluffy sama fan: Thanks for the gift! Merry Christmas! :3 animegirl171: Merry Christmas to you too! <3 StayCold: Merry x-mas Artgrrl: tankz 4 da gift! Merry Christmas! piggyback garu: MERRRRRYY XMASSSSS! Felcie: Merry Christmas !! x) Yammi chan: Thanks ^__^ Merry Christmas to you too) : Merry Christmas to you too :D Amestar: Merry Christmas!! *huggles back* sasusaku 4ever: Merry Christmas, have a great day *hugs* NinjaTofu: Happy Holidays~ �  >w< Carbon Frost: merry christmas!! :] IChiTa: Merry Christmas and Happy New year~ kuryuki: Merry Christmas~and Happy Holidays :D Ritona: Merry Christmas! minimewlove: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! =] Romanos Vixen: Merry Christmas! ^^ Have a awesome day! : Happy Holidays~!~! ^^ 2010 wuzzle320: Happy Holidays!!! rosel D: Merry Christmaaaaasssss!!!! XD greenLeAfe: MerryChirstmas/Holidays :3 Kiiika: Happy Holidays ^^ ecnelisterger: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Morbid Dollie: Hope your holidays are great, kiddo! ;3 Morbid Dollie: Merry Christmas! :3 Carbon Frost: thanks for the subs !! belletoile: Thanks so much � greenLeAfe: Thanks 4 the gift! Have a strawberry^-^ Morbid Dollie: Thank you kiddo! Love ya much! <33 Romanos Vixen: 4 being a good friend! ^^ APHFTW! XD AngelBest Dream: Big hugs Janie XD wuzzle320: Oh nos! Mint Bunny gets nommed! : ~~~! Happy Halloween !~~~ : thanks for the gift! you're so sweet! :D wuzzle320: I thank you all for two years with theO! : Thanks for Hetalia obsession... *laughs* itemilicious: kyuuuu~~~ love you nica!!*huggles* Morbid Dollie: For being such a sweet little kiddo! superstarpanou: Thank you! Here is some ice cream! ^_^ okeimon: thanks for the sub~ > U < kita mikichi: Congrats on your Member Promotion! TifaLockheart15: Happy Belated Birthday itemilicious: belated happy birthday!!! krizomet: belated happy birthday! X3 rainydayal: Happy Birthday!!! =^.^= FROSEN HEART: H.B :) gdaneqa: abby bdAY!~~ Poison Lady: In late, Happy Birthday =^__^= Morbid Dollie: Happy Bday! I MISS YOU!!!!!!!! Sakaira: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paulini: Happy birthday!! ^^ okeimon: HAPPY BIRTHDAY > U < � vdr-07: happy b-day! sasusaku 4ever: A piggy for ur B-Day :D reirei18 : Happy Birthday with hugs..~~ *hugs* <3 grueny: Happy Birthday!!!! <3 LunaInverse: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a nice day <3 Felcie: Happy B-Day !!! =3 : Happy Birthday!! ^_^ Heartstop: A rose just for you!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!=3 Morbid Dollie: I miss you!!!! Heartstop: To use to block my miss you too hug!T^T itemilicious: i missed you too!!!*hugs back* Morbid Dollie: I'm missing you too! *huggles* :3 ChibiEdoGirl: MISS YOU TOO! We needs to talk more. >w< Morbid Dollie: I miss you, buddy :/ : Happy Easter~!~!~!  =^.^= Sakaira: Thanks :D Sakaira: Want pocky? ^w^ Morbid Dollie: For being awesome in every way :3 Shadweh: Happy Valentine's Day! X3 Miffykitty123: Merry Christmas! I give you panda^^ : Thanks 4 ur gift And happy new year! gdaneqa: mery crismas n apy new year pal!! kugen: XxI wuv PockyxX ShokkuRai: Pocky 'N' Hugs!!! X3 ShokkuRai: Happy new years to you too! X3 animegirl1181995: Thx! ^^ And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! mimilove4: Hope you'll have a great 2010!! <3 Chibi Grimmjow: Happy New Year :D itemilicious: happy new year!!! :3 Shadweh: Happy New Year to you too! XD krizomet: wish u a lucky year 2010!! X3 15385bic: happy new yrs ^_^ best wishes DixieWings: Happy New Year! 2010! <3 Kailith: Happy New Year back atcha! Sakaira: Happi New Years! Shinnen omedeto! : Happy New Year, Miss Nica~ ^-^ ChibiEdoGirl: Happy New years~ lunesoldier20: Happy New Years!! :D TheAngelRaine: Not new year yet, but Happy New Year!^^ StrawberryBECK: � A sweet for a sweet ^//^ � Yuri16: Happy New Year : Happy New Year 2010 to you too =^..^= LonelyArtist: Happy Holidays! =) : Hope you had a good Christmas!! minimewlove: Happy New Year!!! :3 : Happy holiday 4 u too... vdr-07: Something sweet for you! cause u rock X3 tiggerola: Had to send love for the Moogle Cuteness winterlionheart: ^^ thanks Morbid Dollie: Merry Xmas my special little friend! :3 krizomet: Have a Blessed Yuletide Season! X3 shiraz03: Hey Nica!  Thanks and Happy Holidays! Erie Machista: Merry Christmas and Happy new year!! X] Chibi Grimmjow: Merry Christmas xD reirei18 : merry christmas'09 to u too.. *hugs* : Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! : I WISH U HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR~<3 HelloKatty: Merry Xmas!! Love ya girl!! <3 DixieWings: Merry Christmas! <333// Sakaira: Merry Kurisumasu and Happi New Year <3 sasusaku 4ever: Some christmas cake, I helped baking it xXWhitePhoenix: Merry Christmas!! ^^ ShokkuRai: Merry Christmas to you too. X3 HNYs !!! RSRKingdomStars: HUGS! >:D ily very much<3 meri kuri! >w< kugen: Merry Christmas! Eat some cake! mimilove4: Merry Christmas and happy 2010, Nica! :D : Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! ^^ moonlit dream: Merry Christmas to you too! :D LunaInverse: MERRY X-MAS and Happy New Year :3 lunesoldier20: Merry Christmas! ^_^ Have some pocky! TheAngelRaine: Merry Christmas!!^^ Shadweh: Merry Christmas and all that jazz! X3 SojiRem: Merry Christmas! LilyWhite: Hey ! Happy birth- oops, happy holidays! itemilicious: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!x3 : A panda for an awesome artist! =^..^= DixieWings: For being awesome. mimilove4: ForAGreatFriend,ArtistAndPandaCollector! : U R a great artist and a sweet friend X3 : Pumpkin For You ^^ reirei18 : this panda wants to hug u too.. *hugs* drake who cant fi: Happy Belated Birthday! HelloKatty: to my bestest friend!!! u rock!!!XD Morbid Dollie: here's to you, my awesome friend!!!! <3 ShokkuRai: hey have some pieeeeeee! :D Morbid Dollie: me missed you so much! ;_; animegirl1181995: Sorry i missed ur b-day. o///O Pandaz!!! mimilove4: Happy birthday, Nica!! (Sorry I'm late). gdaneqa: happy b'lated b'day! cookie 4 ur! : Happy birthday, Miss Nica! ^-^ dya: Tanjoubi omedetou!!! ^___^ haseo luver92: Hope you have a wonderful birthday! : Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!! Paulini: Happy b'day 2009! :D :D Mr Sword: Happy Birthday, Rival~ ChibiEdoGirl: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =D ched: Belated greeting! Happy B-Day! (^_^? Sukian: cookie! ~nyo Sakuranai: Happy B-Day!!!! VG GRL 2000: *sings happy birthday~ Miffykitty123: Happy B-Day!!! Hope you had a great one! Sakaira: Hi! Happi B-day! ^o^ TheAngelRaine: Happy B-day to ya sweetie^^ Karmira: Happy b-day with many surprises! KungPowChicken: Happy Birthday! : happy birthday!!! Mmmmm icecream:P Kittenlark: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *hugs* ^__^ krizomet: I made a cake for your birthday! ^^ lunesoldier20: Happy B-day! :D sasusaku 4ever: happy bday <3 <3 <3 have a great day! Heartstop: A toy cat from Atobe! happy 15th Bday!X3 ched: Belated greeting! Happy B-Day! (^_^? : Thanks for putting up with my craziness minimewlove: glad to have a friend as good as u ^_^ minimewlove: lol love ya ^_^ so elvina has a spare XD HelloKatty: for being so supportive,and being awsome VG GRL 2000: Just because. ^^ Your great! betisediable: nice drawings Morbid Dollie: thanx so much! youre such a good friend! ched: paint d town with colorful ideas! Bravo! : Your cute cards make my day happy. ^_^ scribblepop: Ty for all your nice comments LonelyArtist: want some banana ^___^ Chibi Light: i thought i give u a banana ^_^ DixieWings: Great art, keep it up! X3 sasusaku 4ever: a cookie for the cookie monster xD : THANK U for cheering me up :D : Thank you! You're awesome! TheAngelRaine: Thanks for the gift bestest friend<3 LonelyArtist: para sa pinoyOtaku ^^ Aphelliaheart: thankies ^^!
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