Mercury Dragon Tricks And Treats

Super-Special Winner-Declaring Edit: Okay, so I've declared the winners. Congratulations!! Please PM me with your prize requests. To everyone else, thank you so much for participating! I love the array of costumes!! TheOtaku is truly blessed to have each and every one of you as a member. Happy hauntings to all!!

Edit: The challenge is over! Thanks to everyone who participated! As I said before, winners will not be announced until Halloween day, so keep your eyes peeled!

So here's the thing:
Halloween's coming up (a little more than a month away!) and I wanted to do a second challenge. So, I thought to myself, "You know, Excel, you could do a Halloween-themed challenge!" So here it is!

The Rules and Guidelines and Such:
~Draw YOUR Original Character in an ORIGINAL Halloween costume!
~It MUST be your OC! Don't steal other people's characters (this includes manga-ka)!
~It MUST be an original costume! No manga character outfits...I will accept designs based on the costumes you can find at Wal*Mart, though...
~Nothing over PG-13! TheOtaku has rules against any art that is too extreme for children, as we have children who join the site every day. While I do admire the human body, I don't want to see it in this challenge. The costumes must be tasteful, meaning no unnecessary cleavage or panty-shots. If I see one showing such things, I will disqualify it without a second thought, regardless of how skilled the artist is!
~Backgrounds aren't really required...
~Each participant is only allowed ONE entry!
~Entries can be in color or black-and-white.

~First Place -- A colored fan art or wallpaper of your choice and the complimentary medal on your profile.
~Second Place -- A black-and-white fan art or wallpaper of your choice and the complimentary medal on your profile.
~Third Place -- A card of your choice and the complimentary medal on your profile.
~All Others -- The complimentary medal on your profile.

You have exactly ONE MONTH, so get to it!! Winners will be announced Halloween Day.
Yes, the suspense will kill you...

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Death by Music ~Gadriann
pumpkins! ~itemilicious
Who Needs a Costume? ~Driffter
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