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Gifts toyotami kun: Happy Late Birthday Nao!!! : ) DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday!!! :D :D ^w^ have fun!! Sakaira: Happy birthday neilly: Merry Christmas!! :D toyotami kun: MeRrY chRiStmAs and HaPpY nEw YeAr! Artgrrl: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Artgrrl: Happy Valentine's Day! DeidaraNarutoClan: Happy Birthday Nae~ <3 toyotami kun: Happy Birthday! Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day! ;D toyotami kun: Merry Christmas&Happy New year!~Toya&Rai SaiKat: *wink* Merry xmas from us guys -Luca & A SaiKat: Merry Christmas cutie! :D Narie920: A Merry Christmas to you! <3 : thank you addfhjkjhlhkfh :'D Lonika: Thanks for being so patient with me! :') Kitty K.O.: Happee V-Day, Nao-chan =D Team Plasma N: Happy Birthday chocolate boo boo!!! toyotami kun: Happy Bithday!!!! ^_^ Carina1301: happy birthday! :) Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) Arctic Summer: Happy Birthday!!!! Artgrrl: MERRY X-MAS!!!! =D Otomi Babii: Merry Christmas � -Nellie :3 : Merry Decorated Dead Tree Day! :D Kitty K.O.: Happy Halloween! X3 Bwahaha~!!! *cough* Kitty K.O.: We luv ya, Nae-chan =3 *hugs* Jouanofarc: Just a small gift for our great leader Jouanofarc: who knows what could happen keep laughti SaiKat: A gift for joo~ <33 xNotUnderstood: Love you! you got  friends in us <3 Eneko: WE LOVE YOU NAE!!!!!! Feel better!!! ;3; : Rawr! I'mma tyrannosaurus kitty! :OOOO clueless101: Love You!!! ^^ animelover7310: All of us here love you Nae!!!!! animelover7310: Hey, no guy is worth you! We all love u! toyotami kun: Hey Nao I hope you can move on and smile Team Plasma N: Love you sista!!! U R the Best!!! <3 Eneko: Nyarth: I love you Onee-chan-nya!! :3 : congratulations 4 promoted!! X) SaiKat: Happy Easter! :3 SaiKat: Happy V-day :3 : happy bday!!! =) vdr-07: HAPPY b-DAY! Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) AIloveAkuma: Happy Birthday!!! SaiKat: Happy Birthday! :D Artgrrl: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Summer Daydream: Happy sweet 16! <3 Team Plasma N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sweet 16!!! : Happy B-day! Hope it's a good one :3 : Happy Birthday! :D Summer Daydream: Happy holidays to you! C: littlepooch: Merry Christmas ^___^ <3 Eneko: Merry Christmas Nae-chan! <3 Artgrrl: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! RSRKingdomStars: I'm grateful 4 a friend like you<3 RSRKingdomStars: I'm grateful 4 a friend like you<3 : Random Gift For You!!! X3 Artgrrl: Happy Halloween my friend! Otomi Babii: Babe ! Otomi Babii: Here ya go sis � LovelyRisa: Thanx for your support! gunArt: :D awwz thank u so much ^_____^ : Keep up the good cards =] otaku le fae: Thanx for helpn me out. XD Team Plasma N: To My Sweet Estelle! Love you... ~Lux LovablePanda: Have a Super Great Birthday!!!!!!!!!!^_^ krokun: happy belate bday to you!!! *hugs* Eneko: Happy Birfday, Naomi-chan!! Ily <3 Summer Daydream: B-DAY CAKE FOR MY BUD :D <3 : happy birthday! I hope it's great X3 -CK Sashyfrassy: Happy birthday Kittenlark: Hope your B-Day is WONDERFUL! *hugs* TheAngelRaine: Happy Birthday!!~<3 Haxelo: Happy Birthday! Haxelo: Happy New Year! X3 Aemi: Im glad i met you ^ ^ vdr-07: Strawberry for Nae!! you are awesum X3 TheAngelRaine: Thanks for remembering me!^^ Merry Xmas! Eneko: Merry Christmas Naomi-chan!! ^3^ DeidaraNarutoClan: XD Merry Christmas Nae : merry christmas naomi! ^^ RSRKingdomStars: HUGS! :D ily<3 thx 4 being awesome! X3 vdr-07: you are a great artist and friend ^____^ SandLover13: Happy B-Day Nae, Monae, and Yuri!~Jess kagurasohma621: It might be related to Zaphea! thx! SojiRem: Hachi sends a present! And I say hi! XxAznSkillZXx: I love your art. I love your style too. Sashyfrassy: you were a good friend SandLover13: I love your drawings~Jess & Shukaku ^_^
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