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Gifts ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year's! :D nikkeh09: Happy Birthday!! : Hope you had a lovely birthday! <3 yuko9kost: Happy Birthday!^_^ Kazamas-Keyblade: Haps 2 u! Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Jasmine-chan!! Sakaira: happy birthday superstarpanou: Happy Birthday, dear! Have a good one~!! thelostsindar: Happy Birthday! ^-^ Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Jasmine-chan!! nikkeh09: happy birthday!!!! Sakaira: Happy birthday HotRamen2Go009: Happy Birthday! Hope you have a blast! RSRKingdomStars: Happy birthday!! c: ily<3 thelostsindar: Happy Birthday!! twilight samurai: Happy Birthday! Alchemic Mushroom: Merry Christmas! thelostsindar: Thanks for subscribing! ^-^ RSRKingdomStars: happy belated b-day! ily ; u ; *hugs* Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) superstarpanou: Happy Birthday, Fun-chan! Enjoy cake! ^^ thelostsindar: Happy Birthday! ^-^ Dragoncia: Happy Birthday! :D Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday FUN-chan! 15385bic: happy birthday 2012! X3 superstarpanou: Congrats on Otaku Eternal! Awesome sauce kita mikichi: Congrats on Otaku Eternal! ^^ Morbid Dollie: Congratulations on the promotion!!! Kami-chan.x3: HUGGLES. DixieWings: Happy Easter! >u<// <3 Kami-chan.x3: Happy Easter! :D :3 *hugs* Kami-chan.x3: Long time no talk. I miss you! *hugs* Kami-chan.x3: Happy Saint Patrick's Day!! :D :D AngelBest Dream: Happy birthday! RSRKingdomStars: happy b-day Fun-chan! >:D *hugglez* Heartless15: HAPPPYYY BDAYYYY : Happy Birthday =) : Have A Happy B-day! ^_^ LoveKouichi: Another year, another happy birthday! TheDarkAngel: Happeh Birfday~! Make a wish~! :D Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) greenLeAfe: Happy Bday~! SaxGirl: Happy birthday Fun-chan!^^ *hugs* fuko chan: Happy birthday friend!! Have a ramen!! : Happy Birthday~! Who I Am1234: Happy Birthday!!! (^o^)/ superstarpanou: Happy happy birthday, Fun-chan! Enjoy!<3 Aria Sky: Happy B-day~~ ReiKiba: Happy birthday! <3 Kami-chan.x3: Happy Valentines!! :D *hugglezzz* JapaneseTeddyBear: Thanks for entering in my challenge!! :) Eneko: Ik it's random but HAVE A GOOD DAY!! <3 Kami-chan.x3: You just got Brick'd. :D lol. Kami-chan.x3: RAMEN DAY! ~ *throws noodles in the air* Kami-chan.x3: Back to School :P superstarpanou: You subbed me?! *o* Thank you so much! reichiinya: Happy Easter! Kami-chan.x3: Happy Easter!! Paulini: Happy birthday! =D RSRKingdomStars: happy super late bday! TAT ily<3 *huggle red kie: HappyBirthday!Eat lots of cake! MewChero: HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY<3 *fails* : Happy Birthday!! AngelBest Dream: Happy birthday funchan!!!! Paulini: Happy birthday! =DD TamaDoodles24: HAPPY B-DAY!!!! XD X3 XD X3 XD Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) winterlionheart: happy birthday! ^0^ Asenth Therum: Have a happy birthday!!! greenLeAfe: Happy Birthday~ icefoxchan: Happy birthday my lovely daughter~ ;D InuYashaNeedsHelp: Happy Birthday! ^w^ reichiinya: Happy Birthday! : Happy Birthday! ^^ AnnaKanda: Happy Birthday! XD : Happy Birthday~! : hi there! Have a happy birthday!! <3 pilar: Happy Birthday thelostsindar: Happy birthday! harvestmoonluvr: HAVE A PIE FLAVORED PIE :D ilu Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday!!! : Happy Birthday! ReiKiba: Happy birthday n have a great day :D MashMadness: Merry Christmas, FUNimation! : Merry Christmas <3 aragorn1014: Merry Christmas to you!!<333 harvestmoonluvr: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! <3 Morbid Dollie: Happy Holidays Funi-chan! X3 mewmewpudding: I love you, you insanely KIND person. : Happy Thanksgiving :) icefoxchan: Very thankful for my daughter<3 RSRKingdomStars: I thank God 4 giving me a friend like u! harvestmoonluvr: Thankful for you this Thanksgiving :D Morbid Dollie: For your epicness!! >w< darkfallenblade: Pocky for FUN-chan and her arts zyxcixen: thanks for the lineart! i really love it : H-HEY /fail at expressing love zyxcixen: ^_^ just thought of giving gifts haha... aragorn1014: To the friend I adore & love so much!<3 Morbid Dollie: cause you're so epic and awesome XD TifaLockheart15: Sorry i know its a day late happy b-day krokun: happy blated bday for u friend!!! hugs Paulini: Happy birthday! ^^ AngelBest Dream: H.B Fun-chan!!!!! KeybladeMewKasa: Happy Birthdaaaaay~ 8D : Happy Birthday! greenLeAfe: happy bday!!!! smartanimegirl: FUN-CHAN!!! OMG, Happy B-day! ^o^ Ryuchu: HAPPY BIRFDAY FUN-CHAN!!~~~ zero guardian: Have a cup of Ramen for your Birthday <3 Naomi Bear: Happii Bday~! Best wishes! � Nao :3 innocent heart: A very happy birthday to you^^ Sakaira: Happi Birthday!Have a cupcake&a good day : Happy Birthday <3 RSRKingdomStars: HB my funtastic friend! >//w//< ily<3hug : Feliz cumpleaños!~ X3 Happy B-Day! :D mewmewpudding: BBY, ILU MOAR innocent heart: :) Thank you for everything my friend! DixieWings: Happy New Year! 2010! <3 MashMadness: Wishing you luck with Roxas, haha! : *You rock!* <3 zero guardian: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! IrrationalPrince: MERRY CHRISTMAS � red kie: happy holidays Ryuchu: Merry Christmas!~ KeybladeMewKasa: Merry Christmas! :D Kirobug: Happy Holidays~! P.S. ILU MOAR. <3 : Merry Christmas to you too! DixieWings: Merry Christmas! <333// MewMew: merry christmas to uuu!! :3<3 : Merry Christmas right back at ya ;) x icefoxchan: Merry christmas to my daughter<3 smartanimegirl: FUN-chan, Merry X-mas! ^o^ mewmewpudding: ILU, bby :') TenshiHoshino: Merry X-mas Fun! RSRKingdomStars: HUGS! >:D ure funtastic & epic! C: ily<3 moonlit dream: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :D Tamed: Merry Christmas! BLASTOISE!!!!! :3 harvestmoonluvr: MERRY CHRISTMAS FUN-CHANNNN <3 Cherryshock: CHERRIES FROM CHERRI LMAO. : BECAUSE ILU but ate your cookie :0 : I sent you this cuz you didn't replyy :0 : Keep on drawing buddy^-^! : :O i learned we can send 5 gifts 8D : I'm glad I'm the 1st 2 give u a gift ^.^ Jigoku Sakura: i give you, the gift of AWESOMENESS! XD MashMadness: Happy Late Birthday! Remanic: Happy Bday! mewmewpudding: For your birthdayyyy. Or my face. :D mewmewpudding: GAAAH. B-DAY GIRL. ILU. AND HATE MYSELF. JBXKS: � Happy Belated Birthday ^_^  � smartanimegirl: B-day cake 4 U~! ^o^ U r a gr8 friend ^^ Kirobug: Happy Birthday~! YOU'RE OLD NOW. HA. : Happy B-day, FUNimation!:) MewChero: Happy Birthday! Kerrakku: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!pull stuff out of the hat Kazusa: Happy Birthday! I hope you a great one! Remanic: Happy Birthday FUN-chan! arcticwulf: Happy bday! Have a great one! : Hi you!^^ : HEYY NOONA heres the present i promised : I Love Your Art!!! you deserve it!!!! :D : long time no talk, but here's a gift! :3 khismylife: Thanks for 5 chatty hours of awesomeness : Thanks for being such a good friend.^^ LunaLei: For the b-day giftie Jigoku Sakura: panda-chii for my special fun-chan!! <3 : AGT noona~~~ :D : From: Mizu-chan. Happy Halloween! aragorn1014: For the bestest little sis ever!<3 ILU! smartanimegirl: FUN-CHAN!  Thnx 4 being an AWSME friend! : HIE HIE HIE NOOOONNNA!! XD Kirobug: Just so you know... ILU MOAR! Jigoku Sakura: strawberri sweet! thnx 4 being my friend sasu+saku: Hi Fun-chan~ TenshiHoshino: Thanks for all the comments. ^_^ : u deserve this noona!!! :D MewChero: You are an awesome friend & person!!!!! harvestmoonluvr: my bestest best buddeh ever! X3 love ya! mewmewpudding: You, my friend, are pure awesomeness. :D KeybladeMewKasa: YOU ROCK! =3 Have some pocky! XD aragorn1014: You're the best Ima-chan!! sonnyparadisewish: FUN-CHAN!! in honor of friendship~~ sasu+saku: Just for you Fun-chan (Yes its a pokey) : For being such an awesome friend! : 3 TheAngelRaine: Thanks for everything! You are awesome! RSRKingdomStars: For being an AWESOME friend!!! :3 *hugs* what the...: Thanks for being my friend! ^^ : To Aurora's first friend on theOtaku! X3
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