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Hello and Happy Holidays!

Well since it is the holiday season, I thought I would come up with a unique and different type of challenge for you. Currently there are Christmas tunes on the radio here where I live and I love hearing them. One of my favorite songs, is an oldie but a goodie classic, "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer." I grew up with that story and have grown to love this instant classic and watch if every year. Now that I am older, I love imaging Santa's Reindeer. Who doesn't?

Instead of me saying, "Draw me a Christmas picture with your favorite anime" I am going to ask you to do something completely different.

This challenge is called Reindeer Games for a reason, I want you to draw one or more of Santa's reindeer. Here's the twist, you can either draw them as a gijinka or a chibi, but I want to see the different features and see how you would draw them.

Gijinka - is a Japanese word meaning "humanoid", "personification", or "anthropomorphic", although the use of the word outside of Japan has come to be slightly different from the use of the word "anthropomorphic" in the anime/manga/furry/etc communities. Rather than referring to just any animal with human characteristics, a gijinka is most often a fan re-design of an animal-like character in a human or humanoid form, (ex: a Digimon or Pokémon).

If you don't know all of Santa's Reindeer, well here is a helpful hint:

Santa's Reindeer:

-Dasher (Athletic)
-Prancer (Elegant)
-Vixen (Female Reindeer)
-Cupid (Romantic)
-Donner (Thunder)
-Blitzen (Lighting)
-Rudolf (Red Nose and youngest)

I think they are pretty self explanitory but I gave a little extra info to help you design your character.

Example (Don NOT use): You could draw Rudolph as a smaller reindeer next to one of the others as they hold jingle bells.


1. Need to be colored
2. You can enter as many times as you like
3. Traditional and Digital are welcome
4. Backgrounds are not needed, I just want to see a nice pose of them, but if you do a background it can help but won't be held against you.
5. Must have the Reindeer's name in the title
6. Must be tagged "Santas Reindeer"
7. Dedicated to me, Iruka Sensei so I can find them.
8. Must be your own work!
9. Add personality to your reindeer and have some Christmas features for them too.
10. Has to be a gijinka, but it can be chibi.


I haven't seen many people entering the contests that much anymore probably due to school so I am hoping to at least get about 20 entries! I am giving you ONE MONTH to do so.

There will be another judge other then myself to help with judging.

You will be judged on character design and creativity! The more it looks like the Reindeer, the better you will do! :)


1st - A gift, and 2 colored artwork of their choice
2nd - A gift, and 1 colored artwork of their choice
3rd - A gift, and a lineart of their choice

Honorable mention - Lineart

Most Entries - (If not chosen a winner) Lineart

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Santa's Reindeer ~FUNimation
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen ~Artgrrl
Cupid, Vixen and Donner! ~vdr-07
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