littlepooch OMG LAME!!!

Ello there again~! Poochy here :3

Sooooo here is your challenge!!! Create a card with teh lamest, but still funny in a way, joke. ^w^ Ok um like....How do you wake Lady GaGa up? You poke her face XD *shot* huh huh? Gets it? Poke her face and her song Poker face XDDDD *shot x1000000* Dere so thats my quite lame example X3

Things you should consider...
Keep the jokes appropriate! Cha know they let 13+ on here so nothing you would show ta a 13 year old!!!
Yaoi/yuri alowed but IDK how you would put it into a card..I thought I would just mention it ^^;
If you can tell me where you got the pic(s) you used in the card.(but like if you said www.*something*.com/net I would be fine with that. You don't need to give exact links)
Google is not a crediting site!!!!! Its a place with links to sites!
I don't care how many times you enter.
If you want you may reuse an old card.
Dose not have to be anime/manga.

If You Win~!

1st Place-3 requests
2nd Place-2 requests
3rd Place-1 request

I will PM you if you win and ask for you request(s) if you want to request something. And you have 3 months for the challenge! ;D

Have fun in the challenge!

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