Kitty K.O. PGR GenderBender?!

Okay, after taking the votes and compiling them, genderbending won by a landslide X3 So let's get into it, shall we?!

This challenge is for PGR members. The objective is to genderbend (i.e. draw as the opposite gender) one of the current gijinka in the Poke Gijinka Revolution club. Here's the twist... your gijinka will be randomly chosen out of a hat! >=D So anyone who wants to enter, send me a pm, and I'll send back which gijinka you'll be genderbending X3 (Of course, if I draw one of your characters, I'd just go back in and try again XD How many times does that happen to us, huh? lol)

So the rules:

1. Of course, abide by theO's guidelines (but smexy is fine by me, just keep it classy, ok?
2. If you want to try a second gijinka, send another pm after your first entry is entered, and I'll do another drawing, but 2 is the limit. =3 Be aware, I can only choose one of your entries =o,o;=
EDIT: I decided to have another addition. If you want to draw two genderbends in the same pic, I can choose your second gijinka if you ask. But I must draw the first one first and get confirmation after you've seen who you've gotten. Trying to be fair. This way, at least every character would get drawn X3
3. Don't worry about your art skills! The objective here is to see what hilarity ensues! XD
4. Can be in color or greyscale, but some value would be appreciated =3
5. It would be a good idea to provide the link back to the original character as reference.
6. Above all, HAVE FUN! X3

I'll be judging by:

- Creativity
- Effort (again, doesn't mean you have to be the best artist, but I don't want to see stick figures, ok?)
- Humor is always a bonus*

And the prizes (which will be gijinka-related):

1st Place: Full color artwork
2nd Place: Greyscale artwork
3rd Place: Quick sketch

So finally, I hope to see plenty of entries =D And have fun! You all have two months! START! X3

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Shupple-kun! X3 ~krokun
Tanya (Tanner) ~Elix3r
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