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Gifts LGA775: Happy birthday my dear friend..Huggles Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday krokun-san! Naomi Bear: HPPY BIRTHDAY Kro!!!! Nae wuvs you! <3 hackerblackrose: Happy Birthday � xXShayde WolfXx: Happy Birthday Krokun ^^ superstarpanou: Happy Birthday, krokun! Enjoy today~! ^^ : feliz cumple!!! :D pasala de diezzz!! AriaFlosh: Happy Birthday ^_^ LGA775: Happy Vday my friend..Huggles : Good luck with your awesome art! =D LGA775: A rose for a special friend like you xXShayde WolfXx: Hoard Them Candies! Kill If Needed >:3!! DeathSeraph: happy (late) birthday!! XD XD ^^ akabane-chan: I'm late still >w<b Happy B-day : Happy Belated Birthday! :D Elix3r: Happy Birthday darling! Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday! : Happy Birthday ^.^ DeidaraNarutoClan: Happy Birthday Kro~ :3 <3 DistantStar: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :) 15385bic: happy birthday 2012! XD LGA775: Happy easter my dear friend^^Hugs Eneko: Happy Valentine's day!! Love ya Kro! :3 : Wish you all the best in 2012! =) Otomi Babii: Merry Christmas � -Nellie :3 : Merry Decorated Dead Tree Day! :D NoirAngel: Thank you for the sub ^_^ Eneko: Keep drawing smexy guys Kro-san!! *W* Kami-chan.x3: RAMEN DAY!! ~ ... random. AIloveAkuma: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! :D KungPowChicken: Happy Birthday! Ajan 1: hbday sorry I took a bite off it already xaos: Happy birthday! :D Kaerlyn: happy birthday :D vdr-07: Feliz Cumpleaños! SISUUUU <3333333 DistantStar: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GURL! XD XD XD Support KIRA: Happy Birthday~ Hope it's a great one! XxAznSkillZXx: HAPPY B-DAY. <3 : Happy Birthday~� :3 beloved blood: yo! Happy birthday! superstarpanou: Happy Bday to such a talented artist~ ^^ arcticwulf: Happy Birthday Kro! :D : Happy Birthday! Have a nice one! ^^ Artgrrl: Happy Birthday! :D soldierofthedark: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope it's awesome Ellenor Mererid: Happy Birthday!! :) Have a wonderful day Naomi Bear: Happy Bday ! <(^.^)> Huggles ! � Nao :) DeidaraNarutoClan: Happy Birthday Kro :3 Cupcake~ 15385bic: happy birthday =D TenshiHoshino: Happy Birthday! JBXKS: Happy Epic Birthday! XD superstarpanou: Thanks for the sub! A cookie for you~ XD : Thanks for subbing me! ^_^ krow666: muchos besitos AngelBest Dream: gil rulez ecnelisterger: ^^ Happy Easter~~~ : HAPPY EASTER TO CHU~ : The cake is a lie.. Cuz it's EASTER!! :D SaiKat: Happy Easter! :3 rosel D: You make a really cool collab art~ SaiKat: xD You're welcome lol  have a berry <3 SaiKat: o_o I thought I sent 'V-day' orz Aiden Elric: happy valentines day!! SaiKat: Happy V-day Caro-chan~ <3 Elix3r: Missing you! <3 chrono elric: thanks for the sub : This is the lucky new year BANANA~<3 : Happy (late) Christmas and happy 2011! ecnelisterger: All the best for 2011~ XD ecnelisterger: Every child is an artist. 15385bic: happy belated xmas happy early new yrs aminesick: Hope you had a wounderful Christmas! =) arcticwulf: Merry Christmas!! (: KungPowChicken: Merry Christmas! AngelBest Dream: Happy echi xmas!!!!! : Happy Holidays!!! Quiet Noise: wish u Happy Holidays! ^_____^ Eneko: *giggles* I love you both!!! *uber hugs* Eneko: Merry Christmas, Kro and Gil-onii-sama! Artgrrl: Merry Christmas! ^_^ Team Plasma N: Merry Christmas to you, Rosie, Gil & Cal Ellenor Mererid: Christmas Prezzie! Merry Christmas! ecnelisterger: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~ XD Moofins: Hiya! ^-^ : i realy love your art of gil vdr-07: GANBATTE!! >,< : Thank you for subscribing! =3 Quiet Noise: Happy Halloween! : HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEN! :D Artgrrl: Happy Halloween my friend! Bleachic: Thanks for the sub! *^^* fullmetal crazzy: OMG! Happy belated birthday!! Optimistix: Happy belated b-day, buddy~!!! :D Yuki guru guru: Feliz cumpleaños! ^_^  *abrazo guei* AngelBest Dream: Happy birthday Caro channn1!!! Eneko: Happy Birthday Kro-sama!!! :3 Naomi Bear: Happy Bday ! <(^.^)> Huggles ! � Nao :) KuroiOokami: Happy Bday!!! ***time to par-tay*** Otomi Babii: Ah yesss, the classical present! HBD! ;D narutoKHfighter: happi bday!! DeidaraNarutoClan: Happy birthday Kro~ :3 samuraigirl122: ~**HAPPY BIRTHDAY**~ KungPowChicken: Happy Birthday! XxI wuv PockyxX: Happy Bday!!! 8D : Happy B-day~woof^^ Sweet Lullaby: hApPy bIRthDaY~!! ^_____^ arcticwulf: Happy birthday Kro! C: : x ahora una galletita..luego vendra Gil! Timcanpy14: Happy birthday~ ^^ vdr-07: F vdr-07: E vdr-07: L vdr-07: I vdr-07: Z vdr-07: C vdr-07: U vdr-07: M vdr-07: P vdr-07: L vdr-07: E vdr-07: A vdr-07: � vdr-07: O vdr-07: S Hugs to you!! :D <3 X3 :P =3 8P xD =] ;P vdr-07: Me gusta tu imagen ~/////////////~ Feonalily: thank you! *hugs back* >w< vdr-07: XP me encanta tu nueva imagen!!!! lol AngelBest Dream: Adopt me!!! : Good Luck in College! ~ ^__^/ LGA775: Thanks for the comment..^^ Gift 4 u JBXKS: *deadly hugs* For checking up on me lol krow666: Feliz año 2010 besitos : I WISH U HAVE A HPPY HOLIDAYS~<3 LonelyArtist: Happy Holidays! =) vdr-07: TE KIERO! XD*hay que repartir amor lol* kukki-chan: feliz navidaah~ killua2512: MERRY CHRISTMAS!! saiyukiluver: Thank you!! :.D You are awesome <3 KungPowChicken: Congrats on 3rd place in my Challenge! AngelBest Dream: (karo)Wanna bite me.... yeah sure! cassandra5322: ah happy birthday to you! KuroiOokami: Happy Birthday!! KuroiOokami: Happy Birthday!! KungPowChicken: Happy Birthday! :D narutoKHfighter: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *throws iced cream at u* TenshiHoshino: Happy Birthday! : feliz cumple Carito!!! Tkm,pasala bien! : feliz cumple Caritooo!!! tkm besitos! Black Eyes: Happy Birthday for you ...^^ Optimistix: Pocky 2 fuel you 4 your drawing!!~ >:D LonelyArtist: hi! ty for constant look on my work  ^_^ LonelyArtist: here a gift for you =) kukki-chan: para ti! [[porque dibujas lindisimo]] :D vdr-07: Amm vivan los pocky!!!!!!! hahaha >_< JBXKS: Awesomeness! Thanks For Being A Friend! Black Eyes: Happy Birthday to you ...^^ Gale Alchemist: Happy B-day!! krow666: te adoro mi Caro krow666: te ador caro : :)
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